L.A. Times’ 101 Best Restaurants Reimagined for 2020

Jaime E. Love

The Los Angeles Times has published its annual 101 Best Restaurants as a reimagined list for 2020.

The list has traditionally served as a guide to the best, or most essential, restaurants in L.A. and neighboring cities. This year, Times restaurant critics Bill Addison and Patricia Escárcega have done away with the rankings and created an edition to reflect the uncertainty, resourcefulness and compassion within the food and dining community. The 101 for 2020 honors the restaurants, dishes, people and ideas that define how we eat.

Addison and Escárcega’s introduction notes that our food culture has been reshaped by tragedy: “Chefs fed pandemic first-responders and bent their business models toward takeout and delivery. Limited dining capacity imperiled a conjoined bio-network of businesses: farms, meat and seafood suppliers, architects, linen services, wine and spirits makers and distributors.

“In the face of these realities, our 2020 edition of The Times’ 101 list

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