Hanover fan-favorite restaurant closes after 45 years

For 45 years, Clair’s Family Restaurant has been a staple community spot, serving up “the best broasted chicken in Hanover,” and treating anyone who walked through the door, like family. 

When Doug Markey’s father Clair opened up the restaurant in 1976, Markey says his dad wanted a better life for his family.

The front and back-of-house staff at Clair's gathered together before opening for the day, on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021.

After his retirement, Markey and his sister Deb Markey-Zartman took the lead and continued their father’s legacy for nearly two decades. As they now reach their own retirement, they are eternally grateful for the support of their customers and employees, who’ve helped them succeed all these years.  

After it was announced on Facebook that Clair’s would be closing, patrons lined up outside the door, with excitement and sadness, to enjoy one final meal. 

Customers wait patiently outside Clair's Family Restaurant before they open their doors for the day, on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2021.

Hanover resident Butch Brooks has been a regular at Clair’s for decades. 

“This will be the last great meal I have until Thanksgiving,” Brooks said, 

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Texas Restaurant Shuts After Staff Left for $5K Pay Rise: Labor Shortage

  • A Texas taco restaurant shut because it couldn’t find enough staff in the labor shortage, its owner said.
  • Staff were poached by bigger companies and job applicants didn’t show up for interviews, he said.
  • Restaurant staff have been leaving the industry in search of better wages and benefits.

A taco restaurant in Texas closed down after being left with just three kitchen workers, its owner told Insider.

Paul Horton, the owner of Taco Crush in McKinney, about 30 miles north of Dallas, said that larger companies had poached some of his staff by offering much higher wages, or benefits.

“I know we lost half a dozen that were offered an extra $5,000 a year to go somewhere else,” he said.

“Or even just benefits – being a small, independent business, I can’t compete with wages on bigger companies, let alone offer them any kind of benefits,”

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