Restaurant menus curate a love affair we never tire of experiencing

Open a restaurant’s menu and you’re likely to fall in love.

It might be because you immediately spotted that tantalizing crème brûlée French toast in the upper righthand corner highlighted in a cheery orange box; it might be that the font choice drew you in. Or it could be a story the menu shared about the business’s efforts toward ocean sustainability. Whatever the cause, you somehow know this will be a meal to remember.

According to menu engineer Sean Willard, there’s something romantic about a printed menu. In addition to reflecting a restaurant’s brand, the paper quality, font size, colors and typography all combine to tell a restaurant’s story.

“Menus are philosophical tools about how we look at food. From sharing a restaurateur’s goals and dreams to the vendors they source from, menus reflect a restaurant’s culture,” Willard said.

Sean Willard is a menu engineer who works with his
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The Day – See which restaurant won The Day’s ‘best breakfast’ contest

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It’s also the most delicious.

So delicious that people even love having breakfast dishes for dinner.

But how do you choose between all the restaurants in our region to decide which one is the best breakfast spot?

The Day asked its readers, and the brackets finally narrowed the options down to four: Noah’s in Stonington, When Pigs Fly in Waterford, Jake’s Restaurant in North Stonington, and Somewhere in Time in Mystic.

And the winner, as voted by The Day’s readers … Jake’s in North Stonington!

The Day’s writers went to the four finalists, and here’s what they have to say about the experience.

Jake’s Restaurant

220 Norwich-Westerly Road, North Stonington

I had something of an existential crisis when I sat down at Jake’s Restaurant on Saturday and started looking at the menu. Of course, an existential crisis over ordering food is

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Popular restaurants that nearly closed for good

Running a successful restaurant is tough at the best of times, whether it’s fine dining establishments, iconic diners and even behemoth chains. While many spots sadly shutter and disappear forever, there are some heartwarming stories of places that have been rescued by investors and, sometimes, by the customers who can’t bear the thought of losing them. Here are some of the restaurants that have come back from the brink.

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