Black Restaurant Week in Jacksonville: Surviving the pandemic

Perseverance, faith, hard work and community support, Jacksonville Black restaurant owners say, has sustained them through the COVID-19 pandemic so far.

Business has gotten better, but recovery won’t happen until food prices stabilize, supply chain disruptions end and they’re able to fully staff their restaurants, food trucks and catering enterprises.

Resiliency, however, has taken them toward recovery even if the industry never goes back to the way it was before the pandemic.

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“I wouldn’t say we’re in a recovery phase. I think the hospitality industry is going to have to reinvent itself. I think we’re in a stage of reinventing, re-imagining how this industry is going to be,” Laurie Jarvis, co-owner of Cool Moose Cafe, told The Times-Union.

As customers return to dining rooms others continue to

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Charleston restaurants try locals’ cards, memberships to better serve loyal patrons | Food

One of the ways Charleston residents gave back to the community in 2020 and 2021 was by dining at or ordering takeout from nearby restaurants.

That’s become increasingly difficult, and it’s not because the support has waned.

In October 2021, covers at restaurants using the Resy reservation platform were up 43 percent compared with October 2019 data, according to a Resy representative. One cover equals one person seated at a table.

With no-shows on the rise, downtown Charleston restaurants start charging reservation fees

Resy, which has notable restaurants like FIG, Melfi’s, Jackrabbit Filly and Chasing Sage on its roster, counted Charleston as one of its top 10 markets by volume in 2021.

As reservations continue to fill up fast, Charleston area restaurants are looking for ways to serve the customers that supported them throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

One local restaurant group seems to have found a solution. 

New restaurants, distillery, fresh market and liquor chain coming to Charleston area

The Indigo Road Hospitality Group has a foothold in Charleston

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