I’m a food blogger – here are 5 budget-busting meal recipes which cost less than 40p

Jaime E. Love

AS bills continue to rocket, households are struggling to feed their families – so much so that research has found cash-strapped parents are even skipping meals so their kids can eat regularly.

Today, as part of our Squeeze Team series, we bring you budget- friendly meals from Lesley Negus — known as food blogger Thrifty Lesley — which come in at less than 40p a head.


Lesley Negus is known as ‘Thrifty Lesley’ and has recipe tips for just 40p per personCredit: ©2022 Darren Cool

And despite the price, they still ­contain the nutrients you need.  Lesley says that by buying in bulk, shopping around and batch cooking you can feed yourself for just over £1 a day.

The mum of two became interested in all things frugal when she and her daughters Tracey Hibbett, now 53, and Sam Morley, 51, became ­homeless between 1971 and 1975 after

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