December 6, 2023


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Best NYC Restaurants For Whatever Noodles You’re In the Mood For

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It’s pretty much ~general knowledge~ that NYC is one of the best food hubs in the world. Everywhere you look, there are incredible restaurants, cute cafes, and delicious food stands. However, this atmosphere can sometimes be overwhelming, because there are just so. many. options. Let’s face it, It can be hard to know ~exactly~ what restaurants to go to. If you’re just starting to get your feet wet with NYC dining culture, here are some delicious restaurants to satisfy any type of noodle you’re craving. 

1. If you’re craving Pho…

Hanoi House

When you’re in the mood for a big bowl of warm noodle soup with delicious broth, exceptional rice noodles, and all the herbs and meat you could want, check out Hanoi House. It’ll definitely satisfy your Pho craving. 

2. If you’re craving Pad Thai…

Pata Cafe

Pata Cafe is a small cafe located in Elmhurst with a delicious menu of delicious spring rolls and Thai Iced Teas, but the Pad Thai is an absolute must-try. Make sure to check Pata Cafe out if you’re in the need of a Pad Thai fix. 

3. If you’re craving Ramen…

Jun-Men Ramen

 If you’re anything like me, you know that ramen can be pretty hit or miss; sometimes it’s either too salty, too rich, or the broth doesn’t have enough flavor. The ramen at Jun-Men, though, is pretty much perfect. It’s deliciously flavorful without being ~too~ rich and the meat is delicious. 

4. If you’re craving Cacio e Pepe…

Cacio e Pepe 

If the name of the restaurant hasn’t already convinced you that this is the ~best~ place in the city to get the best Cacio e Pepe, maybe the fact that the pasta comes in a cheese wheel will. Yup. The already deliciously cheesy pasta gets even cheesier. Check out Cacio e Pepe to fulfill all your cheesy dreams. 

5. If you’re craving Gluten-Free Pasta…

Aunt Jakes 

Aunt Jakes is a great restaurant for all gluten and non-gluten eaters. This delicious homemade pasta Italian Restaurant has all the pasta dishes of your dreams: and most of them can be made Gluten-Free. 

6. If you’re craving Mac and Cheese…

The Smith  

Tbh, I’m not entirely sure that mac and cheese is officially considered a noodle, but considering that this may be the ~best~ mac and cheese I’ve ever had, it felt necessary to include it. Make sure you also check out the Ricotta Gnocchi because it’s also the 

7. If you’re craving Udon Noodles…

Raku NYC

Sometimes big bowls of Udon soup are the most satisfying thing. If you’re looking for your Udon soup fix, Raku NYC is the place to be. Their Udon soup can be served with delicious toppings including wagyu beef and oysters, and the noodles are perfectly chewy while still being soft. | Newsphere by AF themes.