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Best Restaurants in Dubai

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Over the period of a few years, Dubai has turned into a booming metropolitan city with various influences from cultures around the world. This can be seen not only in the people living there and the shops, but also in some of the best restaurants in Dubai. Some of the finest restaurants and chefs have taken their business to Dubai to provide visitors and inhabitants alike with a culinary experience beyond what they’ve ever imagined before.

At JW’s Steakhouse, they’ve taken the traditional steakhouse approach and put a luxurious spin on it. Head chef Luc Bonnaz has captured the essence and simplicity of traditional steakhouse food and added a sense of luxury. The types of food include classic Rib Eye Steak to various types of seafood. Located in the prestigious JW Marriott Hotel, the surroundings and the d├ęcor provide an inviting ambiance that is hard to match. A main course will cost around 40 USD, putting this restaurant in the high price category.

If you want a culinary journey that will have you experiencing new and exciting flavors then the Fire & Ice restaurant at the Raffles Hotel is the place to visit. Head Chef Cedric Darthial explores the different flavors of the world in a mixture of high end dishes and simple but delicious alternatives. It can easily be called an exciting dining experience, and one you should not miss out on when visiting Dubai. The restaurant is very pricey but overall it is money well spent.

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, and sushi in particular, then you should not miss out on Nobu, undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Dubai. Head Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has expanded his very famous restaurant to Dubai, giving his visitors the complete sushi experience filled with Chef Nobu’s own signature dishes. To get a table at the restaurant there is up to a two month waiting list, a great indicator of the popularity and quality of the food offered. A set menu for two people will cost in the vicinity of 100 USD, putting it in the upper mid price range. Located in Atlantis on the world-famous landmark, “The Palm Jumeira” the trip to the restaurant is an experience in itself.

If you want to splash your cash and find one of the more expensive and best restaurants in Dubai then the Al Mahara restaurant is the place for you. The restaurant can boast several prestigious awards for its excellent cuisine, and the seafood menu is exquisite. You can dine while you watch tropical fish in the beautiful floor to ceiling aquarium. Lunch starts at 45 USD per person, and dinner at 70 USD per person. Located at the Burj Al Arab Hotel it is easy to find and most likely worth every single penny.

At the Radisson Blu Hotel (on Dubai Deira Creek) you’ll find Shabestan. This restaurant stands above the rest when it comes to the Persian cuisine in Dubai. The amazing flavors of the kitchen blend in to a great mixture of food that will leave you wanting more. The prices are in the mid to high range, but the excellent food along with the great Persian influenced atmosphere makes it worth it all.

These are only some of best restaurants in Dubai, but are so good they deserve a special mention.

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