Flatbread Neapolitan of Boise, ID, wins best pizza in U.S.

Flatbread “honors the longstanding tradition of true Neapolitan pizza,” its menu says. “As such, our pies are very thin and meant to be folded, or eaten with a knife and fork.”

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza

When it comes to pizza, we’re always up for a second helping, right?

So even though Food & Wine just chose “The Best Pizza in every State” two months ago, let’s entertain a similar listicle published this week. Even if it’s from a website you’ve probably never heard of in your life.

Yes, Big 7 Travel has chosen “The 50 Best Pizzas in the United States.” One per state.

Congratulations, Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria in Boise! Big 7 says you serve the best pizza in Idaho. “They load the centre up with toppings,” Big 7 says, “to create a pizza that is absolutely bursting with flavour through every single mouthful.”

Flatbread’s wood-fired slices are tasty, mate. But I’m guessing nobody on staff at Big 7 has personally experienced the “centre” of a pie to enjoy that “flavour.”

Big 7 Travel is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

That said, “we have a fully remote team based around the world,” the website’s brand manager tells me via email, “which enables us to cover international locations.”

“We’ve searched high and low across the country for the best family pizzerias, hip newcomers and the old classics,” she wrote. “The list, which is now in its third year, was determined from a combined score of reader’s suggestions throughout the year, online user reviews and Big 7 Travel’s editorial team.”

If you click on the “7 Best Pizzas in Idaho” piece linked in the article — and, yes, Big 7 wants those clicks! — don’t be confused by the fact that Guido’s Pizzeria in Boise is No. 1 and Flatbread is No. 2. I’m told that Big 7 Travel is still in the process of updating individual state lists. That one was published in late 2019.

Either way, Casanova Pizzeria in Boise is Idaho’s best, according to this spring’s Food & Wine article. And Flatbread in Boise is king in the eyes of Big 7 Travel. (And perhaps queen of England?) Flatbread has two Boise locations, by the way — along with restaurants in Meridian, Bend and Salt Lake City.

Me? I’ve been an Americana Pizza junkie lately. Mmmm, sesame crust.

But with so many pizza joints in the Boise area — overkill, some might argue — is it even possible to choose a No. 1?

Hand me another slice. We can’t stop trying. Take a crack at it in the survey below.

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