December 6, 2023


The Food community

Keep on nominating! Here are the 20 most popular contests so far

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2. Best Bakery

3. Best Burger

4. Best Donuts

5. Best Local Celebrity

6. Friendliest Restaurant/Bar Staff

7. Best Breakfast

8. Best Local Photographer

9. Best Mexican Food

10. Best Bartender

11. Best Local Brewery

12. Best Square-Cut Pizza

13. Best Ice Cream

14. Best Local Band or Musician

15. Best Hidden Gem Restaurant

16. Best Food Truck

17. Best Wings

18. Best Italian Restaurant

19. Best Craft Beer Bar

20. Best Fine Dining

How to nominate

1. Click here to open the nomination page

2. Explore the contests you want to nominate for

First, click on one of the five categories we have this year: Food, Restaurants and Dining; Bars, Breweries and Nightlife; Arts, Entertainment and Music; People and Place; and Shopping Gifts and Services.

Then you’ll see a list of the contests. You can scroll down the list on the left and through the fields on the right.

3. Enter your nomination

Click into “Nomination Name.” If it’s your first nomination of the day, you’ll be asked to enter your email address (this helps us limit how often everyone can nominate).

Then type in your nomination in the “Your Nomination” field and click “Nominate.”

You can nominate up to once per day per contest, so nominate in as many contests as you’d like each day.

The timeline

» Nominations: Sept. 20-Oct. 4

» Voting: Oct. 18-Nov. 8

» Winners announced: Sunday, Dec. 12 | Newsphere by AF themes.