Restaurants Are In A Perfect Storm That Will Last Beyond The Covid Pandemic

 Restaurants have been in a perfect storm recently. It was formed long before the COVID 19 pandemic and the shelter in place mandates. And it will last far after the pandemic is over.

 “The last two years have been tough sailing for independent restaurants across the country,” says Dan Burkard, Founder of At Better Menu. “There are a number of external headwinds they are facing, and for many restaurants, it is sink or swim. Labor shortages are requiring restaurants to find ways to operate with less manpower. Inflation is affecting food prices and making guests think twice before deciding to eat out.”

 “I am hearing about restaurants that have to close on certain days, reduce their hours, and even reduce portion sizes of their food,” adds Joyce Krawiec, State Senator at North Carolina State Senate.

The restaurant business is tricky. It involves the right combination of physical assets, raw materials,

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CT woman who died from COVID remembered for her ‘big heart,’ ‘strength’

WOODBURY — Everything was falling into place for Kelly Lucas.

She had a new job, a new car and a new home. Described as selfless and big-hearted, she loved dogs and enjoyed going to concerts, flea markets and Siesta Key, Fla.

But then she and several others at her job at the ShopRite in Southbury tested positive for COVID-19. The 52-year-old Woodbury resident spent about two weeks in the hospital and died on Valentine’s Day.

“I lost a best friend, a lover and something I’ll never be able to replace in my life,” said Russell Pagano, her partner for 14 years. “It’s never going to be the same.”

Lucas, who graduated from the Alternative Center for Excellence in Danbury, had a daughter, two grandchildren, five older siblings, and several nieces and nephews.

“Being the baby of the family, her brothers and sisters, they see her as a little girl, but

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China takes COVID sports routine to new extreme

BEIJING (AP) — Officially, the Beijing Olympics are taking place inside what organizers are calling “the enclosed compound activity area.”

You probably know it better as “the bubble.”

And bubbles are now part of the norm at major sporting events.

The premise of this bubble is simple: Keep those who passed multiple tests just to get access to the Olympics in, keep the rest of the world — and, hopefully, COVID-19 — out. It has worked for the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, Grand Slam tennis events, college sports, the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics that took place last summer and so much more.

Everyone inside the bubble is, in theory, virus-free when they get in and figure to have a chance to stay that way if the strict rules are followed. For a few, it hasn’t gone to plan. Their Olympics ended before they could begin

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Sarah Palin returns to NYC restaurant two days after testing positive for Covid

Two days after she tested positive for Covid-19, Sarah Palin returned to the New York City restaurant where she had been caught dining inside over the weekend even though she is not vaccinated against Covid-19, NBC News confirmed Thursday.

This time, however, the staff at Elio’s insisted that Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, eat outside when she and her party arrived Wednesday evening at the celebrity-filled restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

“Tonight Sarah Palin returned to the restaurant to apologize for the fracas around her previous visit,” Elio’s manager, Luca Guaitolini, said in a statement obtained by NBC News and first reported by WNYC/Gothamist. “In accordance with the vaccine mandate and to protect our staff, we seated her outdoors.”

“We are a restaurant open to the public, and we treat civilians the same,” the statement said.

But Palin appeared to flout

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