LA’s New Street Food Star Serves One Thing: Suckling Pig Tacos

Many of Mexico’s most coveted tacos feature pork, from carnitas and cochinita pibil to the various tacos de trompo. There’s tacos árabes from Puebla, adobada from Baja California, tacos de trompo out of Nuevo León, and the nearly ever-present al pastor, with deep roots in Mexico City and many other Mexican states. Much the same is true in Los Angeles, which makes a new type of pork taco contender here in Southern California all the more rare, indeed.

Suckling pig tacos, featuring whole roasted young pigs, are a rare delight even in Mexico, only found as a common dish in states like Aguascalientes, the tri-state Yucatán, and in the town of Acaponeta, Nayarit, a municipality just south of the Sinaloa border. Now, Angelenos can find them on Saturdays and Sundays from a small stand called Los Sabrosos al Horno in the tiny Southeast LA city of Cudahy.

Called tacos

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Thai Street Food Star Jay Fai Wins Prestigious ‘Icon Award’ for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2021

Supinya ‘Jay Fai’ Junsuta, owner of famed Thai food stall Raan Jay Fai in Bangkok, is the recipient of 50 Best’s “Icon Award” for 2021. In an Instagram post, the 50 Best organization revealed Junsuta’s pre-announced award ahead of its big unveiling of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021 on March 25.

“I am grateful to be recognized for my hard work and craftsmanship. This is truly the reward of a lifetime for an ordinary chef like me,” Junsuta was quoted as saying. “But most importantly, I hope everyone can learn from my story that dedication, hard work and patience can help you achieve your goals.”The former seamstress was forced to transition into cooking after a fire destroyed her home and sewing supplies. She taught herself to cook Japanese omelets and eventually crafted her signature “khai jiao poo” (crab omelet) using similar techniques.Back in December 2017, Junsuta was

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NYC lifts cap on number of street food vendors

On Thursday, the New York City Council passed a bill that will allow more food vendors to serve hungry New Yorkers on streets across the city.

The new legislation calls for 4,000 full-time mobile vendor permits for street food sellers, to be phased in over a decade with 400 each year starting next year.

Supporters say the measure will help certified food vendors working without legal permits.

“Despite the fact that they have a food vendor license, they did the health department training, they know how to protect and serve foods, they pay their taxes like any other business but they are considered illegal vendors,” said Mohamed Attia, Director of the Street Vendor Project.

However, opponents say that more vendors inflates

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NYC Street Food Vendors Eagerly Anticipate City Expansion Of Permits

For the last decade, Ahmed Mohsen has sold chicken and smoothies out of his cart in Midtown. Every two years, Mohsen pays the owner of his street vending permit $20,000, for a license that costs just $200 to renew, an illegal arrangement that is common because of the scarcity of available licenses. “It’s a lot of money for me,” said Mohsen, who supports a wife and two children. “I work all the time.”

On Thursday, the City Council is expected to pass legislation that would overhaul New York’s street vending economy. The bill would create 4,000 new licenses to sell street food over a ten-year period, more than doubling the 3,000 existing permits. [Update: The bill passed.]

“It will change a lot of things,“ Mohsen told Gothamist/WNYC. “I’ve been a vendor for ten years, and I need to work on my own permit to grow my business. Maybe

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