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Top Korean Restaurants in Argentina

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Argentina is home to 22,000 Koreans thus Korean cuisine is so popular in the country. For those who are fed up with pizza and empanadas or look for a bit of diversity, Buenos Aries offers a few pleasant Korean restaurants.

Bi Won restaurant is probably the most popular Korean restaurant that is famous by its tasty dishes and friendly atmosphere. Breakfast menu offers a wide selection of Korean delights that can cater all your needs. Dining here, you should not miss bibimbap that is made of rice as well as vegetables. Other popular dish is bulgogi that includes sirloin beef with garlic, pepper, mushrooms and of course marinated soy sauce. The prices seems to be eye-watering, it can vary from $60 to $100. Without doubt, it is not a budget place but is worth visiting. For those who lost in translation, the restaurant offers family menu, including a wide selection of dishes that can be delivery to your home.

Bo Sung

Dining here, you may be experienced with best dishes, including gogi gui (roasted meat), Korean grilled beef, pork and surely fantastic Korean barbecue. Meat dishes are even more delicious than would you except that are usually served with chili, garlic and soy sauce. The dinner will cost you around $80.

Sinko Korean restaurant

Sinko is perhaps the biggest Korean restaurant, even festivals are celebrated here. It can be an ideal place for Korean community or those who love spicy food or barbecue. The brilliant restaurant offers a Korean picada, a mix of white fish, rice, and cabbage and of course a lot of hottest red pepper as well as chili paste. It is so spicy that can make you even cry. So9 be careful and if you cannot eat very spicy food announce the waitress in advance. After spicy food, delightful iced coffee is the best option. The hottest food will cost you around $ 70.

Estilo Coreano

This fantastic restaurant but the prices are eye-watering that can hit your pocket. In fact, Estilo Coreano is a modern, elite restaurant with colorful portraits of women’s on the wall. The restaurant keeps Korean traditions and serves one dish by one. The traditional Korean cuisine is not complete without spicy soup as well as chicken bulgogi. In addition, the finest restaurant offers a mouth-watering dessert, known as a brownie that means chocolate cake in Buenos Aries. It is known as the most popular Korean restaurant in Buenos Aries can be found. Weather you love Korean cuisine, Asian or Spanish, Argentina has to offer all that can cater your needs.

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