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Vermont restaurants offering Valentine’s Day romantic specials in 2022

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Valentine’s Day this year is on a Monday — the day of the week better known for the resumption of the daily grind more than for romance.

But, hey, wouldn’t it be fun to ignore those negative connotations and start the week off right with a lovely feast with your sweetie? Some restaurants are offering special menus for the special occasion. Others that are normally dark at the start of the week are turning on the lights and opening the doors just so you and your bae can have a special day.

Here are just a few of the Vermont restaurants looking to make your Monday meal memorable this Valentine’s Day (oh, and check their COVID-19 requirements before you book):

Chef/owner Herve Mahe stands outside Bistro de Margot, his restaurant on College Street in Burlington, on May 13, 2020.

Bistro de Margot

This fine French-dining destination is offering a $125 prepaid dinner for Valentine’s Day that starts with a herring-filet amuse bouche and includes a trio of starter options. Main-course selections feature roasted-veal tenderloin, stuffed sole filet and lobster and a wild-mushrooms tartlet — with desserts to follow, of course.

Bistro de Margot, 126 College St., Burlington. (802) 863-5200, www.bistrodemargot.com

Heart-shaped sugar cookies for sale Feb. 5, 2021 at Chef's Corner in Williston.

Chef’s Corner

Here’s one of those restaurants that’s normally closed on Mondays but will make an exception for Valentine’s Day. Chef’s Corner has a to-go menu for the day that starts with a salad, offers a sirloin-steak or vegetarian main course ($38 for the meat-based option, $34 for the veggie choice) and tops it all off with a Belgian chocolate mousse served with a raspberry coulis.

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