July 21, 2024


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Yelping Helps

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When people go to a restaurant they visit for certain appealing aspects of the establishment. Some may find the food mediocre, but the ambiance brings you back. Some may also go for the food even though it’s not their “scene”. The physical ability to try a new place out usually depends on word-of-mouth, hoping that a friend may point out a new cool hangout. For those that don’t have that source of direction they can use Yelp.

Yelp is an online mobile app, or website, that let’s you scale the internet for business reviews. From a car mechanic to a small diner, there will be a yelp review for it. Yelping gives everybody who owns the application the chance for them to feel like a critic. This online review data base can offer you suggestions on places that you’ve been to before or places to even stay away from. Different categories of material can be reviewed as well. Say you didn’t like the food, but the scenery of the restaurant was on point, you can rank the details compared to the food. Yelp also gives the consumers a chance to send messages to the company themselves, in order to share their experience and ensure that the business will see the critique.

This on the other hand is making business owners very nervous. One customer with bad service can bring down your star rating and potentially stray other potential visitors away from the establishment. This is a good thing though. This gives the management not only an insight to how customers view their business but it also allows them to fix their mistakes in order to make the customers next visit go a little more smooth. Yelping has made it not only easier to figure out where you want to bring your business but it also doubles as a directional guide to whichever business you’re trying to travel to. Yelp gives the user the ability to show the closest places using location tracking in order to give the user the closest option. The age of Yelp is here and it is here to stay. With millions of users nationwide it has become the new helpful guide to helping the everyday customer get the best bang for their buck. While helping businesses gain helpful feed back and potential business yelping is consistently helping the everyday user have not only their voices heard but a piece of mind.

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