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15 Best Restaurants & Takeaways To Enjoy A Festive Dinner With Your Family

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The festivities are from over as the Lunar New Year of the Tiger is just around the corner for us all to welcome a brand new beginning. Just like in past years, it’s the perfect way to gather the family for an intimate reunion dinner. But if you’re still deciding on Chinese New Year meal ideas for 2022, we’ve got you covered!

In no particular order, here is a list of restaurants in Singapore where you can have a festive dinner and the best time with the entire family.

Before getting into the festivities, do be mindful that the country’s current set of Covid-19 safe management measures will stay in place even during Chinese New Year. So for those planning to eat out, don’t forget that group sizes and dining restaurants have been capped at 5 persons since November.

Let us all have a safe and happy Chinese New Year!

15 Best Places To Enjoy A Chinese New Year Dinner With Your Family

1. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

The restaurant at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore is preparing curated Chinese New Year menus for you to indulge in with your family. You can expect celebrations at 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung, The Atelier, Lobby Lounge and The Bar at 15 Stamford.

Takeaway Available: While there are festive dinner sets from these restaurants, you can also choose to order their auspicious signature takeaways to celebrate at home instead. Those who prefer to celebrate at home can expect The Capitol Kempinski Salmon Yu Sheng Platter which comes with premium vegetable slaw, plum dressing and crackling fish skin crisps.

Dates: 17 January – 15 February (Except on Valentine’s Day on 14 February)

2. Capella Singapore

You can find various Chinese New Year meal ideas at Capella Singapore as they will be offering auspicious reunion dinners at Cassia. Although, advanced reservation is required so make sure to book a table when you can to indulge in their exquisite gastronomic experience.

Prices: From $139++ per person

Dates: 1 – 15 February

3. The Hainan Story

For some affordable but just as delectable Chinese New Year meal ideas in Singapore, The Hainan Story is where you want to be. Indulge in some special dishes ranging from Wester to Asian for a different twist!

This includes a Mozzarella and Chicken Bak Kwa Pork Cordon Bleu, Hainanese Curry Porridge, Fen Pi Laksa, Jiaji White Braised Duck with Chicken Rice, Nian Gao Tart and more!

Takeaway Available: The Hainan story will also have the debut of its Chinese New Year Takeaway set menu called the Imperial King of Hainanese Abundance Menu. This includes five regal courses neatly packaged for easy cooking and heating up for your reunion at home. 

Prices: From $2.80 

Dates: 3 January – 15 February

4. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

There 6 different set menus at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium for you to choose from. Guests can satisfy their cravings with some of these Chinese New Year favourites such as Xin’s Baby Abalone and Salmon Yu Sheng, Trio Barbecued Meat Platter (Roast Pork, Soya Chicken, Jellyfish), Baked Lobster with Black Olive and Assorted Onion as well as so much more festive treats!

Prices: $428++ to $888++

Dates: 5 January – 15 February

5. JUMBO Seafood

Among various Chinese New Year meal ideas available in Singapore, seafood lovers definitely have to go celebrate at JUMBO Seafood!

You can expect a lot of Lunar New Year staple dishes such as Prosperity Salmon ‘Yu Sheng’, Seafood Soup Braised with Fish Maw and Conpoy, Live ‘Long Hu’ Garoupa, 5-Head Abalone and Sea Cucumber Braised with Spinach and ‘Fatt Choy’, and Stewed ‘Ee Fu’ Noodles with Seafood and Shrimp Roe.

Prices: From $328

Dates: 17 January – 15 February

6. Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Visit Mandarin Oriental, Singapore for some bountiful reunion dinners with Cherry Garden’s five renditions of the Yu Sheng platter, Luxurious Pen Cai and the Chef’s new creation made with traditional flavours, Braised Pork Belly topped with chestnut, Chinese mushroom and homemade brown sauce.

Prices: From $168 pax

Dates: 15 January – 15 February

7. No Signboard Seafood

Whether you’re looking for Chinese New Year meal ideas for two or eight persons, No Signboard Seafood has specially curated set menus for you!

For the menus, savour a Signature White Pepper Crab. You can also expect other highlights including Braised Superior Abalone, Fish Maw with Crab Meat Soup, King Prawn with Pineapple Sauce and more!

Takeaway Available: Choose either their Reunion of Joy Feast or Abundance of Fortune Feast takeaway menus. You can expect a bountiful set of dishes including a Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng, Signature White Pepper Crab, Lotus Leaf Rice and more.

Prices: $39.90 to $498

Dates: 14 January – 15 February

8. Paradise Group

Those looking for a place with a variety of Chinese New Year meal ideas can visit Paradise Group where you can toast to successful days ahead. They will have different set menus with a wide variety of Chinese dishes you can enjoy with the entire family!

Takeaway Available: They also have an Abundance Takeaway Set for $338 which includes Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng, Grandeur Treasure Pot, Asuspicious Black Truffle Kampong Chicken and Fortune Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice.

Prices: $198 to $488

Dates: 15 January – 15 February

9. Shangri-La Singapore

Welcome a roaring new year with Shangri-La Singapore where they will be joining in on the Chinese New Year festivities for this year as well!

Guests will be treated to exquisite culinary experiences and gourmet delicacies. From reunion dinners, buffets and even festive high tea, you will find it all here.

Takeaway Available: You can also have your reunion in the comfort of your own home with Shangri-La Singapore’s gourmet takeaway feasts from Shang Palace, The Lobby and The Rose Veranda.

Prices: From 108++ per person

Dates: 17 January – 15 February

10. Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Sofitel Singapore City Centre also has a variety of both lunch and dinner sets for you to enjoy this Lunar New Year. For a gastronomic experience, they will be offering traditional Chinese delicacies along with authentic French classics.

Takeaway Available: Their bountiful takeaways to have your family reunion dinner safe at home. These feature special dishes such as a Classic Yu Sheng with Atlantic Smoked Salmon, Abundance Yu Sheng with 10 Head Abalone and more!

Prices: $32++ to $68++


Dining in from 1 to 28 February

Takeaways from 24 January to 15 February

11. Soup Restaurant

Have a roaring good time for your reunion at Soup Restaurant where they have prepared 2 dine-in sets, a takeaway set and even an exclusive Fatt Choy tower. 

For one of the best Chinese New Year meal ideas, you can try their Joyous Set Menu & Prosperity Set Menu that consists of a Samsui Ginger Chicken, Traditional Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage and Braised Mushroom as well as the Wellness Collagen Treasure Pot with Abalone.

Takeaway Available: Those who prefer to celebrate at home can also enjoy a Take Home Reunion Set for your intimate family reunion. 


Joyous Set Menu & Prosperity Set Menu: From $118

Take Home Reunion Set: $388

Dates: 7 January – 15 February

12. Tien Court

There are also specially curated Chinese New Year set menus at Tien Court with your very own auspicious favourite to usher the Year of the Tiger right. Either come in two’s or take your entire part of five for some festive dining!

Vegetarians are also in for a treat as they will be offering a Longevity Vegetarian Set Menu of 6 courses with new plant-based offerings created in collaboration with Harvest Gourmet. 

Takeaway Available: Parents who want to stay a little bit safer at home this year can instead try their Value-for-Money Auspicious Family Set for takeaway at only $168.

Prices: From $68++ per person

Dates: 15 January to 15 February

13. White Restaurant 

Also known as the ‘The Original Sembawang White Beehoon’ Restaurant, the White Restaurant is the place to be to welcome the Year of the Tiger. With six locations across Singapore, you enjoy either a 4-person intimate reunion or an entire 8-person get-together!

The menu sets are highlighted by their signature White Beehoon (白米粉) with festive deluxe additions that range from Pacific Clams and Abalone to Premium Seafood.

Takeaway Available: Have double the fun with White Restaurant’s Double Happiness Takeaway Bundle where you can bring home a Treasure Pot Pen Cai and Fortune Abalone Yusheng. 


4 persons start from $138

8 persons start from $398

Dates: 17 January – 15 February


If you’re still looking for some Chinese New Year meal ideas, YUN NANS is not only offering one, not two, not three – but SIX festive menus!

Guests can expect new highlights including Steamed Jade Perch in Spicy Garlic Lime, Black Garlic Kampong Chicken Soup and Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf using Hakka Preserved Vegetables.

Takeaway Available: YUN NANS is also bringing back its Special Take-Home Festive Set that comprises of four dishes including Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng, Yun Nans Prosperity Treasure Hotpot, Steamed Glutinous Rice Wrapped With Lotus Lead and Traditional Salt Baked Chicken.

Prices: Set menus start from $318 to $788

Dates: 18 January – 15 February

15. Zui Teochew Cuisine

Revisit classic Teochew dishes with Zui Teochew Cuisine‘s nine Celebration Sets that highlights special dishes such as Teochew Classic Platter, Deep Fried Liver Roll, Crispy Fried Beancurd Rolls Stuffed with Prawns, and Pig Trotter Terrine, Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup Teochew Style and more!

There are also Reunion Sets that include Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Morel Mushroom and Spinach, Live ‘Soon Hock’ (Marble Goby) Steamed with Preserved Radish, Whole 5-Head Abalone Braised with Shiitake Mushroom and Spinach as well as Live Prawns Boiled with Chinese Wine.

Prices: From from $299

Dates: 17 January to 15 February (Reunion Sets available only on 31 January)

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