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4 Delightful vegan recipes for Korean food you must try

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Some of the most beautiful facets of Korean food are the entrancing flavors and spices unique to the cuisine. Yet, those who are fascinated by food from the region are probably all too aware of how a majority of Korean dishes are richly laced with anchovy paste, fried eggs or pork skin. So, if you were vegetarian, you would presume your options were limited, but this is no longer the case. If you love Korean food but have been restricted by a vegan diet, then fret not.

Whether you’ve been craving Doenjang Jjigae, Bukeo Guk or Dubu Jorim, simply read on for you can use these recipes to delightfully vegan Korean fare to thrill your palate. Not only are these preparations free of animal products, but they shall have you saying, “Mashita” (It’s tasty) in no time at all.

  1. Vegan Kimchi

If you’re a fan of this fermented, salty Korean side dish, then you must make vegan Kimchi at home. A tangy and spicy preparation, this uses cabbage with a wide array of seasonings. Due to its fermented nature, this side dish has an abundance of probiotics or healthy microorganisms that offer you a spate of health benefits. Right from boosting your immune system to being a great weight loss aid, it can even combat inflammation. Usually, most kimchi dishes are made using fish sauce; however, this recipe offers you a vegan alternative that you shall enjoy.


  1. Dubu Jorim or Soy braised tofu

Kids growing up in Korea are no strangers to Dubu Jorim as it’s a favorite that always makes it to their lunch boxes. A delicious dish that is served with rice and other side dishes, it highlights tofu or dubu that is a major ingredient in a lot of Asian recipes. This dish has tofu braised in a soy- based sauce and it can also be had with kimchi jjigae, soups or even dumplings.

  1. Hobak Pyeonsu or Korean dumplings

Although dumplings stuffed with meat are widely popular in Korea, vegetarian options albeit limited are available. Korean dumplings are often called mandu and are mainly offered as Sachal Eumsik or Korean temple food. Vegetarian variety of this dish is called Hobak Pyeonsu and these are light dumplings stuffed with vegan kimchi. They are ideal for a summer dinner and this quick recipe shall help you prepare a wholesome meal of mandu.

  1. Hobak Buchim or Zucchini pancakes that are gluten free and vegan

Seasonal vegetables like zucchini are best had in light and flavourful recipes such as the hobak buchim. Hobak buchim or buchimgae are nothing but savory pancakes savoured in Korea. This recipe is gluten-free as well as vegan and though the core ingredient is zucchini, you can feel free to add vegetables like perilla leaves, green chillies, paprika or even spring onions to balance the dish.

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