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Best Vegan Options in Gainesville, Florida

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Having been vegan for three years before attending the University of Florida, I never expected to struggle with finding food. Unfortunately, this was not the case and I found it difficult to find tasty vegan options. I don’t want any fellow vegans and/or vegetarians to struggle like I did. After some in-depth research, an intense food crawl, and a questionnaire answered by UF’s Student Animal Alliance, I have compiled a list of the best vegan options in Gainesville, Florida.

Because we do not live in Portland, Oregon and have a completely vegan mini mall, many of these restaurants are not fully vegan; however, each place is unique with the vegan options that they offer. In no particular order, here are the places you need to hit.

Victoria Vargas

This restaurant is in a super cute location that is open, spacious, and screams good vibes. Curia consists of a coffee shop, a market place, and (of course) a food truck that serves delicious 100% vegan food. The photographer I went with, Tori, and I decided to grab the Falafel Roti, TVP Sloppy Joe Quesadilla, and a side of Mac and Cheese. 

Victoria Vargas

This restaurant is basically Chipotle, but with more veggies and amazing sesame tofu. You get a choice of filling bases, veggies, tofu, add ons like freshly chopped cilantro and avocado, and it’s all topped with a creamy garlic and herb sauce!

Victoria Vargas

This delicious coffee and ice cream shop is famous around Gainesville, Florida for a good reason. Their plant based ice cream flavors, pastries, sandwiches, and signature coffees have even non vegans coming back for seconds! We grabbed a club sandwich, iced pumpkin spice latte, and a themed donut. Needless to say, we left with our tastebuds satisfied.

Victoria Vargas

You know those big salads you always see the Kardashians eating? Just Salad, located in midtown, gives you the chance to embrace your inner Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe with their crisp salads, hearty bowls, fresh wraps and yummy avocado toasts. Plus, we love an open minded restaurant that serves vegan options like impossible meatballs and tofu. 

Victoria Vargas
Victoria Vargas

This earthy, eccentric spot is perfect for people trying to get in more greens while still having delicious food. We went for brunch and grabbed the Falafel burrito and the Tempeh Ruben, with the avocado salad and carrots with hummus for sides! Every meal here is packed with big flavors and bright colors that will leave you happy and energized.

This restaurant is worth the hype. If you have been in Gainesville only for a week, I am sure you have already heard about this place — and their amazing food. You have a plethora of vegan options with tofu and tempeh centered meals, as well as an Italian-inspired eggplant rollatini. Regardless of the appetizers and entrées you choose, the vegan chocolate cake is a night cap that cannot be beat!

Imagine it’s is the middle of the week, in the middle of classes, and you are starving because the granola bar you grabbed for breakfast is not holding you over. Unfortunately, you only have five dollars in your pocket — the horror! No worries, Krishna has you covered. Every weekday on the University of Florida campus in the Plaza of the Americas, and at the hare Krishna House, you can a grab huge plate of ethical food drenched in the famous almond salad dressing.  

*Spoon Tip: Get in line early on Friday; you will see why 😉


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