Cold weather means new challenges for struggling restaurants

Jaime E. Love

U.S. restaurants are moving warily into fall, hoping their slow recovery persists despite the new challenge of chilly weather and a pandemic that’s expected to claim even more lives.


New York opens indoor dining on Wednesday, restricting capacity to 25%. San Francisco may do the same as early as this week. Chicago is raising its indoor capacity from 25% to 40% on Thursday, but says restaurants still can’t seat more than 50 people in one room.

It’s a dose of reality for an industry that was able to stem at least some of its losses by pivoting to outdoor dining this summer, setting up tables and chairs on sidewalks and parking lots and offering some semblance of normalcy.

But as temperatures start

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Moving Average Crossover Alert: BJ’s Restaurants

Jaime E. Love


Inside the JPMorgan Trading Desk the U.S. Called a Crime Ring

(Bloomberg) — Billionaires have Davos. For filmmakers, there’s Sundance. For the people who mine and trade and ship everything from iron ore to platinum, there’s London Metal Exchange Week. It’s a blur of symposiums and drinks, with a reliably lavish lunch thrown by JPMorgan Chase & Co. On a balmy October day in 2018, hundreds of guests crossed a courtyard in the shadow of the Bank of England to a medieval guild hall for champagne and sashimi courtesy of the bank and its top metals trader, Mike Nowak.Nowak had plenty to celebrate. His global trading desk at JPMorgan was the powerhouse in futures contracts for gold, silver, platinum and palladium that account for tens of trillions of dollars in transactions annually. In his mid-40s, Nowak had run the precious metals desk for more than a decade. He had

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says restaurants can operate at max capacity

Jaime E. Love

More than 1,000 people come down with COVID-19 in Florida every day — but the state’s restaurants can now run at full capacity, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday.

DeSantis, a Republican and vocal President Trump supporter, issued an executive order immediately lifting the occupancy limit from 50%. The order also dictated that local authorities cannot force restaurants to serve below half-capacity indoors.

“We are today moving into what we initially called Phase Three, and what that will mean for the restaurants is that there will not be limitations from the state of Florida,” DeSantis said in an afternoon news conference in St. Petersburg.

DeSantis said the state will require local governments to explain if they continue to curb restaurant capacities in any way.

His order read: “Floridians should not be prohibited from working or operating a business.”

DeSantis also barred local governments from imposing fines on people who do not

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The Secret Trick for Scoring Deals at Popular Chain Restaurants

Jaime E. Love

If you’re tired of making the same meals during quarantine, then you might be craving some fast food. Sometimes a burrito bowl from Chipotle or a Big Mac from McDonald’s can just hit the spot. Did you know that there are ways to customize your food to have it served fresh or even cheaper than what’s listed on the menu?

We’ve scoured the internet to gather the fast-food ordering hacks that will blow your mind. After reading these hacks, you’re never going to order fast-food in the same way again. Your taste buds—and your wallet—will thank you.

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Ask for fresh fries

Mcdonald's french fries on red tray
Mcdonald’s french fries on red tray

Maybe you’ve heard that to get a serving of fresh fries, you should ask the McDonald’s employee for fries without salt. As the tale goes, you’ll

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