April 14, 2024


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Can You Be Emotionally Attached to Food?

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Remember being a child when you were attached to an item such as teddy bear or a blanket and how it made you feel secure and happy? That feeling is the exact same one that millions of overweight people struggle with on a daily basis to overcome their emotional attachments to food. Can you be emotionally attached to food? Absolutely, and more people are than those who are not and they generally are not even aware that they are which is how and why the weight becomes an issue.

If you can become attached to an object such as a blanket, certainly you can become attached to food. Certain foods bring on specific feelings inside your mind that make you happy or secure, or even just fill a void in some cases. For example, imagine being in college and coming home for the first time to relieve yourself of all the junk you have been eating and dig into a home cooked meal that only mom can make. How good you feel eating it, it is not only good in taste, but it is what you refer to as being “home” and it is comforting to your stomach and to your mind and soul.

There are endless comfort foods such as cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream and the warm soul foods such as chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits that millions of people adore to keep their spirits up and make them feel good. The problem is these foods are fattening and they are not good for you. Food brings people together, look at how many American holidays are surrounded by a large meal for the get together? People look forward to eating these meals because they taste good, the give you a reason to see your friends and family and they make your mind at ease. A once a year huge feast is not going to hurt you, it is the ones that eat ice cream while they are bored, the ones that consume an entire box of doughnuts while nursing a bad day from work at night those types of eating habits that will bring on emotional attachments to foods. Some people eat just because they are lonely and have nothing else to do. You need to break this self-destructive cycle as soon as possible, and tell yourself the truth which is that you eat food to survive you do not survive to eat.

Once you become comfortable with that truth in life you can begin to eat wiser choices and realize that in fact food can only make you happy for a short time until the repercussions of it sink in and then you are unhappy. You will be much more unhappy with yourself if you eat a lot of junk food and then gain ten pounds and have to hurry up and lose it than if you eat smarter foods and get up the next day feeling good and your body looks good as a result of your smarter eating choices.

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