June 13, 2024


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Cincinnati’s Khora gets axed from Esquire’s Best New Restaurants list

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Chef Edward Lee

Last week could have been a celebratory one at Khora restaurant.

About a month ago, Edward Lee, the celebrity chef and Louisville-based restaurateur who partnered with Downtown’s Kinley Hotel to open the restaurant in October 2020, discovered Khora was going to be included on Esquire magazine’s 2021 list of Best New Restaurants in America.

But when the list was published on Nov. 18, Khora was nowhere to be found.  

When fact-checkers from Esquire called Lee about the story, he had to break the news that Humanist Hospitality, which operates the Kinley, had severed ties with him and fired the restaurant’s executive chef, Kevin Ashworth, in September. In other words, the Khora that the magazine’s writers and editors fell in love with was no more, and Esquire promptly removed it from the list. 

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