Rustic Chop House tops our list of best new restaurants of 2021 | Dining

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London restaurants dominate rest of the UK in list of the country’s best 100 venues as 63 come out on top

It’s no secret that London’s culinary scene is one of the world’s best.

And as it turns out it’s also the UK’s best.

OpenTable has published their list of the UK’s top restaurants for 2021 and the capital has dominated.

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The restaurant reservation company has analysed nearly one million reviews and compiled a list of where Brits love to eat.

And on that list, a massive 63 of the restaurants are in London.

One of the top restaurants is Andrew Edmunds in Soho.

The relaxed restaurant opened in 1985 and considers itself “one of the last bastions of ‘old Soho'”.

The menu changes frequently, but expect dishes like confit duck leg, whole bakes sole with brown butter, and sticky toffee pudding.

Another London

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Restaurants We’ve Said Goodbye to Since Our First Eat Here List in 2017

In 2017, Westword debuted Eat Here, our now-annual roster of the 100 Denver restaurants that we can’t live without. This year’s list, revealed on December 7, has 36 names that weren’t on the 2020 lineup, along with many standbys that have been among our favorites year after year.

Some restaurants that didn’t make the cut this time are still serving. But over the past four years, we’ve also said goodbye to a lot of our favorite restaurants — and many of those have closed since the pandemic. Of the 100 restaurants we highlighted in 2017, eighteen are now gone, either permanently or temporarily.

Here’s a look back at those that have closed since we published that original list, updates on where the people behind them are now, and some tips on what’s filled the gaps they left behind:

In 2020, Acorn became Bellota, a Mexican concept that's one of the 100 restaurants we can't live without for 2022. - MOLLY MARTIN

In 2020, Acorn became Bellota, a Mexican concept that’s one of the

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Pecan Lodge | The Best Restaurants In Dallas 2022: Our Top 100 List

One of Irving’s top two places for chaat, along with Taj Chaat, is Bombay Chowpatty, named after a beach lined with street food vendors. The dining room showcases some of that airy atmosphere, with seats arranged food-hall style around a central open kitchen and many of the walls plastered with beach photos and Bollywood posters. All that openness has taken on a new feel during the pandemic, but you can always order takeout sandwiches and snack packs online. Pav bhaji is a superb order here, as are the bit-of-everything lunch combos. If you just need a snack, go for sabudana vada, deep-fried patties of sago pearls, whole-seed spices and chives; they have the crisp bubbly texture of good tater tots. The fusion items, like a pizza dosa and pineapple-chocolate-cheese sandwich, are just as wild as they sound, so order with caution.

Top pick: If you’re in the mood for a

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