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Fruit Salad Recipe {with Honey Lime Dressing} - Cooking Classy

It’s impossible to resist a bowl of vibrant fruit salad with lemon juice and honey on top. It is beautiful, nutritious, and healthy. It is ideal as a side dish or dessert for any event. A traditional summer meal, fruit salad combines various fruit combinations with a sweet sauce. 

All you need is fruits; there is no need for complicated preparation. You can utilize any fresh fruit you have. Nothing compares to the pure flavor of the fruit salad served in a bowl. On hot days, at the beach, barbecues, and other occasions, a colorful fruit salad with a sweet dressing offers a pleasant meal for you and your family. 

Now, fruit salad is a relatively easy dish to prepare. It may be characterized as a straightforward fruit-based concoction, with the major ingredient being fruit mixed in a sizable bowl. You can make this gratifying dish quickly and easily, with little to no prep work and with basic items from the kitchen. Here is your guide for making your favorite fruit salad, like the experts at the Milwalky Taco restaurant.

What types of fruits should you use?

I’m sure you picture colorful fruit salad when you think of it. Therefore you should combine fruits and berries to create a variety of gorgeous hues and flavors. Here are some of the fruits and berries to use:

  • Strawberries: Check strawberries carefully before purchasing. Fresh strawberries have no black stains and are a bright red color. It should be vivid and mold-free.
  • Pineapple: Make use of ripe pineapple. When you press it, you can tell whether it’s fresh. It has a fresh pineapple aroma and is not overly soft. The skin of ripe pineapples is often yellow or semi-yellow.
  • Blueberries: use the large sweet blueberries.
  • Kiwis: Ripe kiwis are often soft, whereas unripe ones are tough, regardless of size.
  • Tangerines: Make sure the tangerines are flawless and fully ripe. Mangoes are another option that you have. Choose a ripe mango that is still firm to the touch.
  • Grapes: You can utilize red or green grapes to make fruit salad. Fresh grapes cling firmly to the stem and are difficult to remove. They are firm and chubby. You can tell they are fresh because of their rich, bright hues.
  • Fruit Salad Dressing: The dressing, which is more akin to syrup, improves the flavor and taste of this dish. You’ll need honey, freshly squeezed orange juice, orange zest, and lemon juice for the dressing.

Making a fruit salad

  • Cut and peel the fruits as needed to prepare them.
  • In a big bowl, combine all the fruit.
  • Combine the honey, lime zest, orange juice, and lime juice to make the dressing in a bowl.
  • Mix the fruit and dressing. Toss the fruit with the sauce to ensure a uniform covering. 
  • Chill up to serving time.

A key takeaway

If you like experimenting, change the fruits to suit your preferences and make a unique fruit salad recipe. The type of fruits, flavor, and texture are the most crucial factors to consider to create the ideal fruit salad recipe.

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