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Restaurants in La Preneuse, Mauritius

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The Good Ones:

1. Cabana Creole. (La Preneuse) Although it doesn’t look like much from the outside, this is the best restaurant we visited during our two week vacation. They only have about four dishes that vary from day to day pending on what the fisherman brought in. So expect very fresh fish perfectly prepared! Excellent service and the beautiful garden makes this a restaurant not to miss. Moderately priced as well.

2. Domaine Anna. (Flic en Flac) This surprisingly large venue is situated on the road leading to Flic-en-flac after a passage through the sugar fields. Great seafood at reasonable prices in beautiful surroundings. We were not to happy about the service but we did arrive a bit late. After dinner live music is performed (at least the night we went).

3. Le Sirocain (La Gaulette) Situated right by the main road near la Gaulette this restaurant is a gem. Seafood and great Creole food at reasonable prices.

4. The Italian restaurant at Rousseau Creole. I can’t remember the name, but I do remember the tomato sauce. Surprisingly good Italian food at an otherwise no-go location: The rousseau creole shopping center. Like all shops we visited in Mauritius they sell poor copies at ridiculous prices. The Italian restaurant however, is definitely worth a visit.


La Sirandaises. Overpriced and overambitious menu that fails to deliver. We did visit it twice and the Tournedos with sauce Roquefort is really good. It does get an extra point for at beautiful location on the beach. Go there for a pint of phoenix or a cocktail and enjoy the sunset then eat somewhere else.

The Ones We didn’t try:

Gio. Might be worth a visit…

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