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So Much To Discover – The Shops In Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin, Ireland’s largest city by far as well as the capital of the Republic of Ireland is a truly historic and beautiful vacation destination. Located on Ireland’s east coast where the river Liffey empties into Dublin Bay it boasts an urban population in excess of a million people and is an entertainment, media, sports and shopping destination. Tourists and visitors to the city will surely wish to visit the Spire of Dublin on O’Connell Street, Dublin Castle, Mansion House, as well as Christ Church & St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Enthusiasts of Irish Stout will almost certainly to make a journey to the Guinness Brewery at St. James Gate and recreational historians will want to lose themselves in The National Museum of Ireland. For lovers of shopping too Dublin has much to offer.

The River Liffey

The city is split by the River Liffey. Northside is commonly regarded as more working class while the Southside is considered more affluent. Outstanding shopping can be found on either bank of the River Liffey. Indeed the very heart of Dublin’s shopping district is divided between Grafton Street to the south and Henry Street to the north. Eager shoppers have lots to discover as they follow the Liffey through Dublin’s City Centre.

The Northside Stores

The Northside is home to Arnott’s, a department store with a long history in Dublin dating back to 1843. There is also Clery’s Department store, the Moore Street food market, Eason’s Booksellers and many interior design and DIY shops.

The Southside Shops and Stores

The Southside hosts the diverse George Street Arcade, fashion stores such as Brown Thomas, Weirs (Dublin’s most exclusive jeweller), book shops such as Hodges Figgis, and Waterstones as well as many fine pubs, caf?s and restaurants.

The Shopping Centres

Dublin also features its share of shopping centres on both sides of The Liffey. There is for instance the Powerscourt Townhouse on William Street as well as Grafton Street’s St. Stephen’s Green to name but two in the Southside. The Northside has the Jervis Street Shopping Centre in addition to the Ilac Shopping centre which, when it was constructed 30 years ago, was the first of its kind in the city centre and also hosts the Dublin Central Library and.

Dublin is a radiant enchanting city which has a great deal to offer those who choose to visit. Culture, history, leisure and some of the best shopping you could hope to find. Come to Dublin and shop to your heart’s content.

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