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Weekly one-on-one meetings together with your dietitian will assist preserve consistency and guide you to the results you want. Your program shall be fully targeted on getting you results. Each week, we assess your progress and adjust your program based on the data supplied by our medical grade physique composition machine, suggestions from you, and weekly measurements. State of the artwork facility that’s always clean and well maintained inside and outdoors. Excellent and properly skilled instructors, friendly and professional workers, superior and clear owner, prime of the road tools, quite a lot of lessons, nice hours and it is obvious, DHF cares about their members. The program is also designed to allow bodily therapist assistants (PTA’s) to “bridge the gap” between the associates PTA diploma and the doctor of physical remedy degree.

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Healthy bouquet on Valentine’s Day by DA, anyone?

Choose your healthy bouquet now. Visit the official Facebook page of the Department of Agriculture Cagayan Valley to order. (DA photo)

Instead of giving fresh flowers to your loved ones this coming Valentine’s Day, the Department of Agriculture here has its own version of healthy bouquet.

While it gives a new ray of romantic excitement, the receiver can cook it for a healthy meal after taking pictures of it. As they say in Filipino “walang sayang”.

Unlike the usual fresh flowers that will wither after how many days, the DA is encouraging everyone to give his or her loved ones a healthy bouquet. With this, buyers are not only showing their love to their loved ones but also their love to local farmers as they are helping them sell their produce.

During this time of pandemic where prices of basic commodities are at its peak, one should always

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Start your day right with good, healthy food

Regardless of whether you are a morning person or not, you cannot deny that breakfast is one of the most amazing parts of the day. If you are a big fan of the smell of eggs and bacon frying in the pan and the happy family bonding moments that come once you take a seat at the table, then you can consider yourself an honorary member of the Breakfast Club. No, not the movie, but the one that loves to elevate the significance of the most important meal of the day.

It’s part of the collective nature of Filipinos to automatically love a good breakfast. In a way, it is the meal of the day that we probably put the most heart into preparing because, if you’ve had a good breakfast, your day is set.

But even with Filipinos’ love for breakfasts, many Filipino families may not have had all

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5 ‘Healthy’ Food Items That Are Just Overhyped

Health freaks always want to ensure that whatever they are eating is actually aiding their physical and mental well-being. While some of the food items they prefer and promote are confirmed to be nutritional powerhouses, there are also some that are just highly overrated in terms of food value.

In fact, many of the so-called “healthy” food items that the internet wants you to stock up on and obsess about may not be as good as you think. This is why it pays to be vigilant when trying to determine which items to include in your diet.

Now here are some unhealthy food items that have come to be wrongly perceived as nutrient-rich:

Frozen Yogurt

Just because it is yogurt doesn’t mean it is always healthy. Although yogurt has been regarded as a healthy food option because its probiotic content is linked to good gut health, it is actually no

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