Restaurant Trade Group Says Biden’s Build Back Better Act Will Hurt Small Businesses

The National Restaurant Association, which in the past has lobbied against increases to the minimum wage and paid sick leave, has raised concerns about the potential impact of President Joe Biden‘s Build Back Better Act in a letter to Congress released on September 29.

The letter, which was addressed to House Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy and Senate Leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, said that parts of the bill were too expensive for small businesses.

National Restaurant Association Vice President of Public Affairs Sean Kennedy said investments in pre-K education, childcare, and public transit were “long-overdue” but worried that the cost of the bill would “burden” the “struggling restaurant industry.”

This letter referenced the association’s September 2021 survey of 4,000 restaurants across the country. The association said the results of the survey showed that they felt “a recovery from the pandemic will be prolonged well into

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Why franchises fare as badly as small restaurants amid COVID, Delta variant surge [Video]

Restaurants walloped by COVID-19 have suffered a silent epidemic of financial woes among an unlikely segment: Franchise eateries.

The pandemic’s impact on the food industry has been well chronicled, with many having to shutter, drastically cut staffing and hours, or resort to other desperate measures just to stay afloat. However, some experts say franchises — third party operators licensed by larger brands — are just as vulnerable to closure and operational struggles, like food and labor shortages.

A staggering 20,000 franchisees nationwide closed in 2020, and employment in the sector plunged by 11.2% to 7.5 million last year, according to data from the International Franchise Association (IFA).

That represented a loss of approximately 940,000 jobs across food and leisure establishments in an industry that generated $680 billion worth of output to the U.S. economy, the IFA estimates. Still, franchise jobs are expected to jump by over 10% this year

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Your state’s best local small chain restaurant

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Small business owners sue New York City over vaccine rule

Earlier this month, the city announced a new rule requiring people to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 before dining indoors, visiting a fitness center or going to an indoor entertainment venue. Anyone who works in the impacted businesses must also be vaccinated. The rule went into effect this week, and the city plans to start enforcing it on September 13.

“This vaccine mandate is arbitrary and capricious due to the fact that it targets certain establishments but not others,” wrote the plaintiffs, led by a group called the Independent Restaurant Owners Association Rescue, in a suit filed Tuesday. They said that the rule prevents people who choose not to be vaccinated from doing their jobs, and that it infringes on their religious freedom. They are seeking a permanent injunction against the order.

A sign at a NYC restaurant reads "Please show proof of Covid-19 vaccination for indoor dining ... or bar."

In response to a question asked about the lawsuit during a press conference on Wednesday, Mayor de

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