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The Importance of Nutrition on Weight Loss – Losing Weight the Natural Way

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The main principles of proper nutrition, especially when seeking to lose weight are 1) Proper Balance, 2) Variety 3) Moderation, and 4) Timing.
If all these four principles are adhered to and consistently followed in your weight loss program, not just temporary but making it a permanent part of your being, then weight loss will result.

So to put it simply, proper nutrition as it relates to weight loss is eating a proper balanced diet, by enlisting all the food groups, in the right portions or moderation at the correct times.

Every single cell, ligament, bone fragment, tissue, muscles organs in the body is repaired, nourished, and sustained by the “raw materials” we put in our mouths. And thus like everything else, your cells will be as healthy and nourished as the food you eat, plain and simple. If you feed your body junk raw materials then your body will produce junk cells, contrary to popular belief our bodies do not convert junk food to good food and then feed it to our cells, that’s just ridicules.

You may say that a big mac burger has protein and calcium and carbs and whatever else you may thing are all the food group, but our bodies have to perform gymnastics and hard labor in order to scrape off some usable nutrient to feed to your cells, and even then this nutrient are substandard. So we end up having substandard cells. OK enough of that.

Proper Balance – We have to eat foods in the correct balance in order to reduce weight and maintain good health. The proper balance in food is based on the tree main food group protein, carbohydrates and fats in the right proportions. In North America we have been coheres into thinking that we need more protein that we really do and so most people consume way too much protein than they really need, and the worst part about this is that most of the protein that is consumed is derived from flesh foods and dairy products. Protein that comes from flesh food also contains lots of fat. I am not talking about the fat that you can see and trim off; I am talking about the fat that is layered within the tissue of the meet. This fat is solid at body temperature and so it sticks to and clogs the arteries in the body and the excess is stores in our “problem areas” you know where that is, it is different for everyone.

The best protein source is from vegetation, which are fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. Protein derived from plan sources are easy to digest and contains little fat that is liquid at room temperature. And an added benefit that is vital for weight loss is the high content of fiber in plan foods, this is important to remove waste and toxins from the body and keep the digestive track healthy.

Variety – When I say variety I am talking about eating a wide range of different types or foods mostly fruits, vegetables and grains. These natural foods have all the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health and energy.

Moderation – We have to eat out food in the proper amount, if you over eat, then you will gain more weight. So start by liming your portion sizes by 15% and then gradually continue to reduce the amount your eat in one sitting to about 50%. It is no secret that the portion sizes in North America are huge and getting bigger, they even had to increate the size of the dinner plate to accommodate these portion sizes.

Timing – Nothing hinders the weight loss endeavors like eating foods at the wrong times. Because we are always in a mad rush to get to here and there we miss breakfast, and then we have a sandwich for lunch and pig out for dinner, often time eating dinner as late as 9pm at night! The food you eat after 6pm goes straight to your waist line! So instead eat a hearty healthy size breakfast, a medium size lunch and a small light diner like a salad for dinner, and never eat anything after 6pm.

Water – I know this is not on the list but I must mansion water because without it we cannot survive for long. Our bodies are made up of over 70% water. Water is vital for the proper elimination of waste and toxins from the body. You should be drinking about 8-10 glasses of water a day just to replace the water we lose. Water is also important for proper bowel movement. So start drinking more water today. Water from coffee, drinks and other caffeinated beverages do not count. You need water in its pure natural state.

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