Try this Chinese restaurant for luscious noodles

Robert C. Williams

There is a Chinese restaurant in Mesa that has a really good hamburger. Don’t believe me?

I’m not messing with you — the Shaanxi pork hamburger is really one of the best things on the menu at Taste of Qin, along with the savory Chinese crepes and the beef burrito. It may sound like fusion food, but these items are 100% Chinese, and are hallmarks of the cuisine of the northwestern province of Shaanxi. 

These street foods are usually side dishes, because the main course is a big bowl of garlicky noodles with a fierce blend of chili and vinegar spice. 

While it still hasn’t hit the mainstream, Shaanxi cuisine is gaining prominence in the U.S. because of its culinary rock star, biang biang noodles. These thick belt-like beauties have been popularized by New York restaurant Xi’an Famous Foods and Valley spots like Shaanxi Garden in Mesa. 

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