July 21, 2024


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10 Tips on Designing a Layout in Restaurant City

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Restaurant City is a very popular game on Facebook, where you can create and run your very own “virtual” restaurant. It’s a simulation of running a “real world” restaurant and gaining the same experience managing the restaurant. You can do different things to your restaurant, such as hiring new staff, decorating your restaurant, managing your restaurant, and so on.

There are a few things that you should consider while planning a layout for your restaurant, and that includes:

1- Make sure that your waiters won’t have to walk too much to the tables: The less your waiters walk, the more time they spend serving, and the less time they spend getting to the tables.

2- Don’t add too many tables: If you have too many tables and not enough cooks to serve them, you won’t get the food out fast enough.

3- Center your stoves: Centering your stoves will help your dishes to be delivered to the customers much faster. This way, a dish ordered from any table, can go to any stove.

4- Use the corners: Give your waiters the most reach, since they can serve in all 8 directions, it’s advised to use the corners as much as possible.

5- Avoid the walls: Setting the tables or chairs against the walls or grass won’t allow the visitors to reach the ones placed in the middle, since they usually refuse to scoot in!

6- Box waiters in: Forming complete squares or rectangles using your tables will trap your waiters in. This way, they won’t wander around needlessly to serve food.

7- Count your waiters’ steps: To judge a layout’s efficiency, you should count the maximum steps that a waiter would have to take to reach one of the tables. Always try to eliminate the number of steps a waiter would have to take.

8- Avoid diagonal walks: When waiters walk diagonally, their speed is usually slower by about 1.5 times compared to walking left, right, up, or down. Whenever possible, try to avoid making your waiters move diagonally.

9- Use your space efficiently: Try to use all of the space that’s available to you when planning your layout, since it makes your restaurant much more appealing. Always avoid cluttering too many objects at one area.

10- Test more layouts: The more time you spend playing restaurant city, the more levels you’ll get, and the more workers you’ll be able to hire. It’s advised to change your restaurant’s layout from time to time and see which one is more efficient, in terms of delivering food fast to customers, lesser waiters footsteps, and so on.

Finding the best layout that works for your restaurant should be your long-term goal, since the game is always changing, and more features become available by time.

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