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Best Restaurants and Nightlife in Mauritius’ Grand Baie

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Any tourists who pick Mauritius for a holiday involving sea, sand and sun will no doubt want to experience some of its best eating and drinking venues too, something for which the island’s seaside resort of Grand Baie is renowned.

This village located on the north-western side of Mauritius is a favourite for holidaymakers during both the day and the night, but if you are interested in dancing or indulging yourself with the best in restaurants and bars, exploring Grand Baie in the evening is a definite must.

If you are hoping to enjoy Mauritius’ beautiful landscapes, the Beach House Bar should be the first stop on your night out. This venue, located as its name would suggest right by the seafront, is the perfect place for grabbing a light meal before kicking back for a few drinks to get your night started.

The best tables are obviously outside, where you can fully experience the views offered by the island’s emerald waves.

Once you’re ready to hit the dance floor, there are a wide range of clubs and bars to show off your moves, with many situated on Royal Road, which is located in central Grand Baie.

Venues typically cost little to enter and are often free, so don’t be shy about trying out different clubs along the way for a truly varied taste of the local nightlife.

Buddha Bar, an extremely popular establishment on Royal Road, is one option. This large club has a big central bar and a number of outdoor and indoor tables for patrons who prefer to sit down and chat rather than dance, although there is plenty of floor space for those keen to strut their stuff.

Live music is the most prominent attraction for tourists who visit the Banana Beach Club. Fans of jazz, rock music and blues can all find something to their tastes at this classic venue, where performers are on show every weekend.

However, make sure to arrive fairly early on these nights, as anyone turning up past 22:00 local time may find it difficult to secure a table or seat.

Hoping for a quieter night testing authentic Mauritius cuisine? Don’t worry, as Grand Baie has some of the best restaurants on the island, with many people considering La Villa Garden – which, as its name suggests, is located in a picturesque garden setting – to be particularly good.

The food here is cooked in a traditional French style and includes a range of fish and meat dishes. There is also a choice of desserts that must be tried to find out just why France is so famous for its sweets.

If you enjoy your evening meal here, you will be pleased to hear that the restaurant is also open for lunch, so make a point of stopping by again if you share the favourable opinions of other diners who have eaten here.

Another top-quality restaurant in Grand Baie is Le Capitaine. Popular with holidaymakers, it mixes stylish food with a less formal eating experience.

Reservations are a must, as it can often be busy in the evenings, with many people queuing up to test out some of Le Capitaine’s signature dishes such as lobster ravioli with fresh mushroom, whole crab cooked in white wine and newly-caught lobster.

If you are not keen on seafood, there are a range of chicken and pasta options available, with the service being both swift and accommodating.

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