Desk booking software has 4 top benefits

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An organisation can benefit from desk booking as well as the individual workers. These are the top 4 reasons why your office should use desk bookings.

1. Increased utilisation

Do you see any empty seats in your office? According to our research, only 38% of offices’ desks are used. How often do you sit at your desk in the office? With meetings, working from home, lunchtimes, and breakout spaces thrown in, you probably don’t sit there as much as you believed. Once you multiply that across your entire organisation, you can begin to see just how much empty space your company has.

With desk booking, you can keep better track of how much each person is using the desk, and come up with new plans for the unused space.

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2. Productivity increases

Almost everyone has walked into an office at some point and spent some time looking for and finding a desk. When someone goes on vacation or leaves for the day, you end up settling in a seat – but once they return, you have to start all over again. An office where people can come in, sit down, and get to work immediately can already increase productivity.

Depending on the project, you might need to work with specific teams or individuals, so allowing people to select which desk they want to work at will simplify collaboration and reduce meeting scheduling.

It is imperative for a happier, more productive workforce to provide people with workspaces they need and the flexibility to choose where they sit.

3. Cost-savings

It is generally the case that desks in offices are not used effectively, resulting in a considerable amount of unused space and resources. Your business pays not only for the square footage, but also for the desks. Computer, chair, lighting, cabling, telephone, etc. An average workstation costs £5,746, so when you see those empty desks around you, consider how much money could be better spent.

With desk booking software, you can ensure you are not wasting money by having excess desks and resources.

4. Promote flexibility in the workplace

People have different working styles, so it’s important to offer flexible working policies and workspaces that fit their needs. Even though millennials tend to be open to working in a variety of areas, you can’t forget about the other generations working within your organisation – in fact, these people are even more critical to satisfy. People can quickly become demotivated and frustrated without the right working environment, which ultimately affects retention.

You can use desk booking software to identify workers and offer flexible solutions to those who need it. Providing your workforce with options is a good way to start, as everyone faces their own set of challenges, both in and out of the office.

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