July 24, 2024


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Hire the Best and Right Employees for your Restaurant

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As a restaurant owner, you surely only want what is best and efficient for your establishment. Though there are certain limitations in welcoming all the good things to a certain restaurant regardless if its the new year or not; you still have control over a better production, marketing and higher sales count for your business.

This is why you should already think about hiring the best of the best employees for your restaurant establishment. Why the best? Because, all the time that you are not around; the status and condition of your lifetime investment lies on the hands of these people that you call your people – your employees. Just because you already know someone from your neighborhood who needs to have a job, doesn’t exactly mean that he or she is THE right person to fill in the space.

Next, we proceed to making it crystal clear that before hiring an employee to handle your business and profit; he or she will have to prove that his or her interests, dedication and qualification meets your standard and the work tasks at hand. This is also to say that the person doesn’t only have to be the best in your opinion but also the right choice for you to work with.

Which is also why, hiring requires one-on-one interviews. Interview questions that begin with “why”, “what”, “how much” and “do you” are all essential in filling in the things that you need to know from that person upfront. It is also the answers that they give which makes your questions sensible. Before conducting an interview, think about the approach that you want and the message that you would like to send across to your applicant. This will give them the idea of the type of working environment and boss that they will be dealing with soon.

As for qualifications, you know what to look for. Of course, you will need somebody with a degree but do not forget as well that a person who has a college degree may not have enough experiences and skills that you need for your restaurant. This just means that, don’t just look at the credentials of an applicant. If possible, explore more about what they have been doing in the past with previous companies and bosses they have worked with. Learn why they quit from the job and try to assess each of your applicant’s passion to work for you and for the job that waits for them.

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