Restaurants visited by Covid-19 positive patient becomes restaurant guide for authentic Japanese food in Shanghai

A list of eateries patronised by a Covid-19 patient in Shanghai has become a restaurant guide for authentic Japanese food. ― Reuters pic

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A list of eateries patronised by a Covid-19 patient in Shanghai has become a restaurant guide for authentic Japanese food. ― Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 23 ― Contact tracing has become the norm following the Covid-19 pandemic.

A message shared on social media alerting people to avoid certain places patronised by a Covid-19 positive patient however did not achieve its intended purpose.

Instead of avoiding the eateries, it has now become a point of reference for eateries said to offer the best authentic Japanese food.

The message was first shared on Twitter by user Hayami.


Hayami had tweeted that after a Japanese man was confirmed to be a Covid-19 positive patient, his movements became a map of authentic Japanese food in Changning, Shanghai.

In a screenshot of the message shared with Hayami’s tweet, the patient is

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King County’s COVID-19 vaccine verification policy in effect for small restaurants, bars on Monday

Restaurants and bars with seating for fewer than 12 customers will be required to verify vaccination status.

KING COUNTY, Wash. — King County’s COVID-19 vaccine verification policy will apply to all restaurants and bars starting Monday.

The mandate, which previously covered large outdoor public events and indoor establishments, will apply to restaurants and bars with seating for fewer than 12 people. The vaccine verification mandate will be in full effect in King County.

“We have heard from businesses that vaccine verification is going well in King County,” Rachel Smith, president and CEO of the Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce, said in a prepared statement. “While it may involve extra work in the short-term, this step is helping customers and staff feel safe as they get back to many of the activities we missed in earlier phases of the pandemic. We support vaccination because we know it’s the path out

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Florida doctor convinces a stranger at a restaurant to get a COVID-19 vaccine: ‘Humbled’

Dr. Duane Mitchell didn’t expect to convince a stranger to get vaccinated against COVID-19 when he went to a restaurant for dinner in Gainesville, Florida over the summer.

Mitchell, the director of the University of Florida’s Clinical Translational Science Institute, sat at the bar of the restaurant next to a man named Mark Hall. The men started talking and eventually discussed the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines.

Hall said he was opposed to the vaccine, although his wife had received her shot.

He “really started rattling off a lot of the things that he had heard, the reasons why he wasn’t planning on taking the vaccine,” Mitchell told USA TODAY.

“I debated him a little bit on some of those issues, not in a confrontational way but just saying ‘let me give you a different point of view’ or ‘here’s some information that we’ve certainly learned since the rollout of the

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Restaurants face uncertainty with new surge in COVID-19 cases

The Texas Restaurant Association says they are concerned with the rise in cases but feel better equipped now with the procedures they have utilized this past year.

AUSTIN, Texas — Restaurant owners in Central Texas have faced all kinds of struggles this past year and a half, and now some are concerned about the newest surge in cases.

“I think where we’re at right now is a little bit of anxiety and a little bit of concern, as we do see some of these COVID-19 numbers increase,” said Kelsey Erickson Streufert with the Texas Restaurant Association.

Streufert said they do have more hope with this current surge in COVID-19 cases, due to people being vaccinated and restaurants now knowing the best procedures.

“We know what the best practices are,” said Streufert. “We know how to keep folks safe when they’re dining in our restaurant, even when there’s COVID.”


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