Restaurants close dining rooms again as delta-driven infections spread

Restaurants’ plans to return diners to indoor tables are unraveling.

Chains such as McDonald’s Corp. and Chick-fil-A Inc. are slowing their dining rooms’ reopenings, given the Delta-driven surge in Covid-19 infections. Other restaurants are again losing customers, and trying to squeeze more diners into outdoor patios while weather still allows.

Laurie Torres, owner of Mallorca in downtown Cleveland, said sales at her Spanish-themed restaurant had risen earlier in the summer from pandemic lows but fell again last month as diners grew nervous. Mallorca brought back interior dividers and spaced out tables again to help customers feel comfortable inside, but Ms. Torres said she expects the fall to remain tough. 


“The sand is shifting again,” said Ms. Torres, who is closing early on weekends and shutting entirely on Mondays because of uncertain demand and staffing struggles. “It’s

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Outdoor dining: your state’s best restaurant

‘Tis the season for outdoor dining and America has a huge store of spots for a fantastic alfresco meal. Whether you’re after a cool, urban rooftop, a quaint riverside oasis or a laidback patio for brunch, we’ve scoured every state for their finest outdoor offerings. Always remember to check state travel advisories, seasonal opening times and the COVID-19 protocols of your chosen venue before you go.

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Antica Italian Restaurant + Bar bringing casual fine dining to Avon: Short Takes on Avon, Avon Lake and North Ridgeville

Avon, Ohio

Avon will soon be home to a new Italian restaurant concept created by the owner of the well-known Heck’s restaurant (Cleveland’s Ohio City and Avon locations).

Antica Avon

Antica Italian Restaurant + Bar will open soon (tentative date is July 12) in the space formerly occupied by Cafe Piccolo, 35568 Detroit Road.

Antica Italian Restaurant + Bar will open soon (tentative date is July 12) in the space formerly occupied by Cafe Piccolo, 35568 Detroit Road. A restaurant called Flair 22 was originally planning to open in the space, but the owners eventually decided not to open amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fadi Daoud, Antica owner and Avon resident, noted once the space became available it was ideal as it’s in a ‘great area.’

“Avon is booming,” he said in an email. “We want to see the dining scene in Avon grow. The development/shopping center we’re in is the only one

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To-go no more? States weigh fate of pandemic-era cocktails and outdoor dining

With parts of the country lifting coronavirus restrictions and reopening in time for summer, states and cities have been debating one pandemic-era change in this new normal: expanded outdoor dining and to-go cocktails.

Many state governments put in place special provisions during the height of the pandemic to help a decimated restaurant industry, including expanded outdoor seating and the sale of to-go alcoholic drinks. The changes have been largely welcomed not only by the restaurant industry but also by patrons, some of whom have been under mandatory lockdowns and others fearful of returning to indoor dining.

But as more people get vaccinated and states reopen with fewer restrictions, the question now becomes whether these changes in restaurant and bar culture will be long-lasting.

In some places, the answer has already come: No.

Pennsylvania, earlier this month, brought an unexpected end to the expanded outdoor dining and to-go cocktails that had

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