The Marble Table in Billings nominated for a James Beard Award | Food & Cooking

The year 2020 wasn’t an easy time to open any business, let alone a restaurant. But that didn’t stop The Marble Table, and the risk is now paying off. The Billings eatery is a semi-finalist for Best New Restaurant at the prestigious James Beard Awards.

The awards are basically the Oscars for the food world. Given out yearly, they celebrate the best and brightest in the culinary arts.

Jason and Jen Marble own The Marble Table, where Jason is head chef and pastry chef. The idea of opening a restaurant had been long germinating for the couple. “We always knew we’d open a restaurant,” Jen said, “we just didn’t know when.”

The Marble Table

A table in the new dinning area of the Marble table displays the braised beef bolognese. The dish is one of several entrees currently available at the Marble Table.

That “when” wound up falling

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Best restaurant food and drinks of Sacramento in February

A cold, dry February was mercifully interrupted by bursts of flavor from some of the Sacramento area’s best restaurants.

From elevated Thai dishes in residential East Sacramento to Mexican/Italian fusion in Elk Grove to delicious Peruvian food in Roseville’s ascendant restaurant scene, the eating was good, if one knew where to look.

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Chicha Peruvian Kitchen Y Cafe’s chalaco ceviche. Benjy Egel, [email protected]

Chicha Peruvian Kitchen Y Cafe is one of the latest notable jolts of life to Roseville’s dining scene, the rise of which I featured in last month. Opened by husband-and-wife Giancarlo Zapata and Marleny Chávez in November, its bright pink-green-yellow interior and flavorful dishes are tucked in the corner of

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Peter Piper Pizza Is Opening Stores That Only Sell Food to-Go

  • Peter Piper Pizza is opening new sites without dining rooms and arcades.
  • They’ll be 15% of the size of its regular restaurants, focus on speed, and only sell to-go food.
  • Peter Piper says delivery and to-go orders account for more than 40% of its sales.

Peter Piper Pizza is opening new sites that are very unlike its others.

The Arizona-based chain, owned by Chuck E. Cheese’s parent company CEC Entertainment, is opening stores that don’t have dining rooms or arcades, only sell to-go food, and are only 15% of the size of its regular restaurants.

“This concept is all about speed,” CEC Entertainment President and CEO David McKillips told Insider.

Each site will have a full-size kitchen with a custom stone-fired oven made by Roto-Flex that Peter Piper says will make more than 200 pizzas an hour.

Peter Piper Pizza Express

Peter Piper says its Express locations will have ovens

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5 best air fryer recipes for restaurant-quality food

Over the past few years, air frying has emerged as one of the most popular, and practical, methods of cooking. Circulating hot air and producing crispy results, the best air fryers cut down on the amount of time needed to prepare your next great meal.

This appliance has immense potential, able to do so much more than just reheat frozen chicken nuggets. It can fry chicken wings, dehydrate fruit, and even bake cookies. If you’re using one of the best toaster ovens, it can do even more. But, if you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, then look no further. Here are five of the best air fryer recipes, curated from our time testing in the kitchen.

With each model being unique in its capacity, strength, and versatility, it’s important to experiment with times and temperatures as your air fryer may run hotter than others. However, the following recipes should

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