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The Best Dripping Springs Restaurants May Not Be Where You Expect

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As with most things that are cool and worth checking out, you usually find that you have to dig a little deeper to find tremendous restaurants in a state as large as Texas. Then again, if you are talking about Dripping Springs restaurants, you might find that digging a little deeper isn’t completely necessary.

For the last few years, this small city in the Texas Hill Country has been at the forefront of the Texas foodie movement, making it a destination for those who love good food that is local and fresh. Moreover, Dripping Springs has been featured in some of the more prominent publications that celebrate all things farm-to-market, foodie, and not-to-be-missed. High praise for such a little place in Texas.

Just how little? Well, according to some figures, the entire city only covers about four square miles, with population numbers coming to maybe 4,000 residents. They are served by DPISD, and the town is located in northern Hayes County, one of the 20+ counties that make up the Texas Hill Country. In fact, Dripping Springs has two particular claims to fame: 1) they are often called “The Wedding Capital of the World”; and 2) they also claim the motto of “Gateway to the Hill Country”, though truth be told, most cities that border this area of Texas have the same motto.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind the size of the city only because there can really only be so many places to grab a bite to eat within the city limits. At some point, getting a great meal may mean taking to a restaurant that while it is recognized as a Dripping Springs destination, it’s actually just slightly outside of the city.

Here are a few Dripping Springs restaurants that may not be where you’d expect:

New Canaan Farms – This place is a purveyor of fine, artisan foods & has a strong online presence. They take their place in more of a specialty shop, though their storefront is worth visiting.

Argus Cidery – Restaurants can come in many forms with certain specialities, and for Argus Cidery, it’s all about apples. Moreover, their tasting room not only serves as a great social destination, your take on their products is R&D.

Celtic Seafare – If you do one thing well, make it your thing. Celtic Seafare is famous for salmon. They also have a connection with the restaurant Lox, Box and Barrel, and both entities are a “must-do” for all food lovers.

Dripping Wine Trail – A different take on the restaurant, this collective of three wineries in the area (Bell Springs, Westcave Cellars, Hawk’s Shadow) appeal to the alternative approach to grabbing a bite. While some offer delectable treats for visitors, all welcome picnics.

No matter which you cut it, there is always something special about Dripping Springs restaurants. Not only is there an appreciation for good food, quality ingredients, and local business, there is an appreciation for the things that make life good.

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