Our Restaurant Critic’s 14 Favorite Dallas Takeout Meals of 2020

Jaime E. Love

At the end of each of the last few years, I’ve presented a list of the best meals I’ve eaten at Dallas restaurants while working as the Observer’s food critic. In 2019, for example, I considered 200 restaurant meals for a highlight reel of favorites.

But 2020 was different. This year, the restaurant industry fought to survive against a disease that is easy to transmit in indoor spaces filled with the sounds of conversation and laughter, and the industry also fought to survive against state and federal governments that repeatedly refused to offer adequate help.

For this year’s list, I’ve expanded my list of favorite meals beyond a top 10 to 14, which is just the random number I landed on. I’ve considered only takeout meals that were eaten on picnics or in my own living room. And we’re listing my favorite meals alphabetically by restaurant, rather than ranked

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