July 24, 2024


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A Review of the Best South African Restaurants in Europe and America

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You are Swiss, English, American and have visited South Africa? You have fallen in love with the beauty of nature and the people? You also enjoyed some really good food and wine while visiting our country? Well here is a list of restaurants overseas (Europe, America) that promise to offer you South african hospitality around the corner of your house back home.

Mama Africa in Zurich

Just like the other oh so well-known Mama Africa in Long Street this restaurants based in the Heinrichstraße in Zurich, Switzerland, this restaurant offer all the flavours, colours, smells and sounds that you are used to from your travels in SA. The even offer what the Cape Town competition offers: a 16-course feast with African dishes from the whole continent. Yummy and oh so well done.

Chakalaka in London

British? Or South African spending some time in London? Looking for some Boerewors and Chakalaka? Then this is the place to be. They offer a modern twist of all the traditional meals and have an ambiente that reminds you of the beautiful colours of South Africa. Yummy food cooked by a real South African woman. Lekker!

Braai in New York

What would SA be without their braais? On wood or not, in the field or next to your house, the South Africans do it anywhere and anyhow. They are proud of a good Lamb Chop and some Pap with tomato sauce would also do no harm. If you are American and based in the busy heart of NY and looking for South African hospitality ‘Braai in NY’ is the place to go. Really good place to hang out and have a good piece of meat. of course the South African way.

Cape Town in Düsseldorf, Germany

The Mother City in the middle of Europe? Yes it is Cape Town in Düsseldorf.

This restaurant offers everything from Biltong to Samoesas and Curries. A good place for all our German friends to enjoy South Africa while sitting out the cold German winter.

The Springbok in LA

For a good steak, some rugby and some beers go to the Springbok Bar & Grill in Los Angeles. Definitely seems like to be a place of a good party and a good steak. A homey haven for all South Africans in California and the usual unbeatable hospitality for all Americans.

Hope you enjoyed the read and will enjoy some good South African food… to get over being homesick until your next visit to my beautiful home country and remember there is always some fun things to do in Cape Town as well.

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