December 9, 2023


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Best and worst restaurant inspection reports for the week ending March 8, 2022

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The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and grades the businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action. Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards.

To file a health-related complaint, call the Department of Environmental Health at 423-209-8110. The scores are original and do not reflect on-the-spot changes, which sometimes lead to upward adjustments.


75 Forbidden City

2273 Gunbarrel Road

Reasons including employee handling cell phone and then going to prepare food without washing hands. Raw chicken stored above ready to eat vegetables in area by fryers. Multiple cold holding temperatures of TCS (temperature control for safety) food items are not held within range. Multiple items throughout kitchen are not properly date marked (cut tomatoes, cut melon, cooked rice, cooked noodles). Multiple spray bottles throughout facility are not marked as to contents. Multiple fly sticky traps located throughout kitched hanging from ceiling. Traps contain dead flies and are located over food prep areas. Ice machines in kitchen and in waitress area have pink and black substance inside.


76 Kumo One

6025 East Brainerd Road

Reasons including person-in-charge does not demonstrate control over foodborne illness risk factors at time of routine inspection. Employee health policy not available. Inspector did not observe any handwashing from food prep/ wait staff during entire routine inspection. White rice held in large plastic tub in walk in cooler temping 50°F. Embargoed 30 pounds of white rice. Bagged onions stored on floor near establishment exit, multiple foods stored on walk in freezer floor. In use utensils stored in stagnant water. Wash water in triple sink dirty, temping 80°F. Rear panel of ice machine dirty. Fan unit in walk in cooler dirty. 


77 Jacks

3530 Cummings Highway

Reasons including active managerial control over foodborne illness risk factors not provided at time of inspection. Raw, ground beef stored with other food products in small freezer unit. Adequate cleaning/sanitizing frequency not provided for food and non-food contact surfaces. Build up of food debris noted on kitchen equipment throughout establishment. Liquid egg product holding in ice bath on cook-line at 54°F. Clean dishes stored on dirty surfaces. Waste recetacles dirty. Excessive grease spillage noted around grease safe in refuse area. 


80 Mean Mug Coffee House

2711 Battlefield Pkwy., Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

Reasons including employee wearing gloves use sanitizer cloth to wipe cutting board and then touch ready to eat food without changing gloves or washing hands.  mechanical warewashing machine not dispensing any sanitizer in cycle. food employees not wearing proper hair restraint.  


83 McDonalds

156 Browns Ferry Road

Reasons including employee on prep line using personal cell phone and not changing gloves and washing hands in between tasks. Adequate cleaning/sanitizing frequency not provided. Numerous surfaces noted with food debris build up. Soiled wiping cloths stored on working surfaces. Excessive grease build up noted inside dish machine. Personal items not properly stored. 


87 China House 888, Inc.

7601 East Brainerd Road


88 Steak N Shake

2296 Gunbarrel Road


89 Crust Pizza

3211 S. Broad Street


94 Chick-fil-A

209 Northgate Mall


94 Mikes Smokehouse

3147 S. Broad Street


95 Hana Steak and Sushi

2200 Hamilton Place Blvd.


96 Taco Bell 

6200 Ringgold Road


97 Salsarita’s

2115 Gunbarrel Road


97 Domino’s Pizza

4155 Ringgold Road


97 Subway

3127 Broad Street


97 McDonald’s

8601 Hixson Pike


97 Good Eats BBQ

1817 Market Street


98 423 Taco

212 W. 8th Street


98 J. Gumbo’s

5123 Hixson Pike


98 Taco Bell

8522 Hixson Pike


98 McDonald’s

4123 Hixson Pike


98 Mayan Kitchen

507 Broad Street


98 Brewhaus

224 Frazier Avenue


99 Ankar’s Downtown

510 Broad Street


100 Wendys

5596 Hixson Pike


100 McDonald’s

9211 Lee Highway


100 Firehouse Subs

3849 Dayton Blvd.


100 Waffle House

7047 Amin Drive


100 McDonald’s

2003 Dayton Blvd.


100 Delias Mexican Food

8363 Dayton Pike


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