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Best Pizza Restaurants Guide – The Reader

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Ah, yes. Pizza. One of the most delectable dishes known to human taste buds.

There are plenty of ways to create one, of course – and just as many ways to enjoy one! And you could make it your journey to learn and appreciate the regional differences that continue to define and inspire entire sub-cultures, communities, and nations of eaters.

And Omaha pizzas are nothing to ignore. Here, you will find ten examples of some of the best restaurants for the highest quality and maximum diversity – all in one city. Enjoy!

Formed in 1981, Pizzs Ranch is a Midwestern chain beloved by those who enjoy buffets, eating on a budget, and traditional pizza experiences. Found on Facebook page

Best college-friendly budget pizza

  • Pizza Ranch
  • 3010 South 84th St
  • (402) 934-4888

For many Americans, going to college means starting freshman year or picking up a second degree. But rarely discussed is how to score takeout that doesn’t break the bank or leave you craving three hours later. And that, readers, is a priority – which is where Pizza Ranch comes in.

Depending on size, a pizza for two eaters runs about $6.50-$11 per person on average. If you’re craving more, the buffet is the way to go. At about $12 for lunch or $14 for dinner or a weekend visit, you should have enough left over for some pencils at the very least!

It’s also an inviting place to bring the family or to meet friends! The buffet offers lots of food beyond pizza, and afterward, you can kick back and play some games in the arcade.

With a diversity of flavor and entertainment, it’s never a dull time at Pizza Ranch. Check out their website for special pricing for seniors, military veterans, and kids.

You can find Mama’s right where it started back in 1975. Found on Facebook page

Best traditional pizza

  • Mama’s Pizza
  • 715 Saddle Creek Rd
  • (402) 553-9270

Where you find traditions, you will find families that pass them down over the years. Mama’s Pizza has been in the business for about four decades – and in that time, it has grown from a small bar and kitchen to a beloved staple of the Omaha pizzeria community.

Mama’s Pizza serves up the best traditional ‘za around, thanks to a baking style with roots in New York City and the daily use of fresh ingredients. But feel free to mix it up with some not-so-traditional pizza flavors like bacon-cheeseburger or mac-and-cheese pizzas.

The restaurant also has a selection of pasta and other snacks, perfect for picky eaters or those who merely love digging into a slice! Remember this as you bite into the dough and taste the marinara sauce: it is homemade by the same family that developed it from its humble beginnings. Enjoy the legacy!

If you love the flavor, smell, and experience of a wood-cooked pizza, Dante ought to be your next pizza visit. Found on Facebook page

Best artisan pies

  • Dante Pizzeria Napoletana
  • 16901 Wright Plaza #173
  • (402) 932 3078

If you’re looking for a quality artisan pie around town, look no further than Dante Pizzeria Napoletana. Like any good Neapolitan, Dante preserves the traditions of Naples with traditional wood-fired ovens and the freshest ingredients sourced from local and regional farmers to curate the most authentic pizza experience you can find.

There is no shortage of flavor or quality in their Italian wine selection, either, as it features a breadth that leaves Dante home to one of the most impressive Italian wine lists in the state. Pair your glass with your choice of traditional Italian meats and sauces, or try out some of their contemporary takes on classic pizza flavors.

Whether it’s for a night out or a private event that you enlist the service of their mobile oven, Dante is sure to deliver an experience that will leave you longing to return for another pie. And by all means, do!

Thanks to the restaurant’s hours, you can enjoy your guiltiest pizza pleasures until 3 a.m. Found on Facebook page

Best guilty pleasure pizza

  • Lighthouse Pizza
  • 1004 South 74th Plaza
  • (402) 932-6660

No one wants to admit they want a slice of pizza wider than their face or whole order of poutine for themselves. Well, at least, very few. But if that does entice you, then Lighthouse Pizza has you unapologetically covered like a beacon lighting the way.

Of course, you will never go wrong with traditional pizza toppings. But if you crave flavors beyond the ordinary in a pizza – like Thai chicken, mac-and-cheese, or even fries topped with brisket, blue cheese, or truffle oil – then Lighthouse can satisfy your deepest, most guilt-inducing pleasures. And that is what it’s all about!

How many pizza places do you know that have a buffalo aioli and a drive-thru? Exactly. With a later close-time of three a.m. on Friday and Saturday, you can stick around for a couple of beers and a fun atmosphere. Don’t sacrifice the experience you want with your precious slices.

Zio’s Pizza is well known for having a wider array of delicious pizza selections, so it’s no wonder they offer some of the best healthy options, too. Found on Facebook page

Healthiest pizza

  • Zio’s Pizzeria – Midtown
  • 7834 Dodge St
  • (402) 552-8615

Dietary health and pizza have traditionally been at odds that are often irreconcilable. Well, no more! Zio’s Pizza throws the choice between a balanced diet and cheesy, saucy goodness to the wind.

Featuring cauliflower crust versions of any pizza and an abundance of veggie toppings, Zio’s gives customers much more control with healthier choices for several diets. They also provide a hearty selection of entree-sized salads.

Whether your goal includes cutting out carbs or trimming the fat, Zio’s has an inlet to an ocean of flavor that will leave the most aggressive calorie-counters with their cravings met. They have locations all over town, and when you choose to indulge, there will be the rich and savory invite of cheeseburger, chili, and barbecue pizzas to welcome you.

You know the commercial. Hey, taxi! Get this person to Zio’s pizza in Omaha, Nebraska!

Vegan pizza can be better than you ever imagined here at Brick Oven. Found on Facebook page

Best vegan pizza

  • Brick Oven Pizzeria
  • 624 S 72nd St
  • (402) 393-2270

For people often disappointed by the lack of variety or taste in their vegan meals, Brick Oven Pizzeria presents a breath of fresh air. After all, vegan options can make or break restaurants that want to cater to meat and dairy-free customers. And to raise the stakes even further, most shops will offer only two or three vegan meals if you’re lucky; it’s also fairly difficult to find vegan meat alternatives that taste good – especially on pizza!

Thankfully, the in-house seasoning recipes at Brick Oven extend to their vegan meat options. And there is a laundry list of beef and chicken alternatives to pizza classics like pepperoni, chicken, and meatballs (all cooked in a variety of sauces). If you’re craving a vegan pizza with a New York/Neapolitan influence, Brick Oven has the best selection of vegan meat alternatives for both pizza and appetizers too!

Smokin’ Oaks understands gluten-free diets matter, and every such option also comes packed with amazing tastes. Found on Facebook page

Best gluten-free pizza

  • Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza
  • 220 South 31st Ave #3103
  • (531) 466-1264

Smokin Oak has crafted its menu with the explicit intention of catering to a diversity of dietary needs. You can get a gluten-free version of any of their classic pies with the knowledge that inclusion is as important to their mission as crafting up delicious wood-fired pizza.

Gluten-free bread substitutions have become increasingly standard at more and more shops throughout the US. Still, gluten-free and other dietary food substitutions can leave the impression of being an afterthought if treated without the same attention to detail as traditional foods.

With fresh ingredients and flexible dietary options, Smoking Oak will never make you pick between ordering something tasty and ordering something comfortable to eat. Check out their veggie/vegan options as well for an even fuller selection that meets your needs and wants where pizza is concerned.

Can you believe Pizza Hut has been around since 1958? Found on Facebook page

Best delivered-to-your-door pizza

  • Pizza Hut
  • All locations
  • Go online to find a store

Pizza Hut might feel more corporate than some local pizza chains, but where Pizza Hut dominates the game is delivery. With more locations scattered throughout and around the Omaha area than any other chain, they retain a sizable number of drivers to cast the widest net for delivery distance.

The chances are you will tend to be closer to a Pizza Hut than any other pizza place at a given moment in town. This advantage means you can expect quicker deliveries while reaping the benefits of a rewards program that scores you free desserts, sides, or rewards money to use towards your next purchase.

It might not be someone’s Italian grandmother’s family recipe. But if you need some pizzas ASAP, Pizza Hut can take care of you. So, stay where you are, and get your order ready.

With a name like Frank’s, you know you’re in for a dine-in pizza experience you can trust. Found on Facebook page

Best dine-in pizza

  • Frank’s Pizzeria
  • 711 North 132nd St
  • (402) 493-0404

Frank’s Pizzeria takes the cake (slice?) for the best dine-in pizza, thanks to the warm and homey environment that the store provides its customers. If you want to experience tasty New York-style pizzas with your friends and family in a comfy diner setting, look no further than right here.

An inviting restaurant should leave you wanting to linger a little and take in the atmosphere while you dig in on some tasty grub. But at the same time, it can often be the case that we feel rushed or disappointed in the atmosphere of the place serving up our favorite pie. Fortunately, you never have to worry about that here.

A family-friendly restaurant with a homemade feel, Frank’s gives you a place that you can enjoy while you dig into slice after mouth-watering slice. Check out their new location in Ralston, which opened December 1st!

Thanks to the restaurant’s late hours and nearly infinite topping possibilities, Toppers is the place to get your pizza in the wee hours. Found on Facebook page

Best late-night pizza

  • Toppers Pizza
  • 7010 Dodge St #104
  • (402) 553-1133

Fact: Toppers Pizza has some rather enticing flavors. Simply put, Wisconsin cheese curds, mac-and-cheese, and spicy chicken make for some great late-night and post-bar eats. Now put those on a gooey, cheesy pizza, and you have a pie that only this restaurant can give you!

Because it is open until three a.m. daily, the Dodge Street store can meet your late-night needs better and more often than any other pizza shop in Omaha. While it’s vital to be open late to serve all the other night owls, any great after-dark pizza place will have that kind of food that you are craving into the wee hours.

Get a pizza, or grab some tater-tot-covered mac-and-cheese, or even put the tots on the pizza. There is no wrong answer to the question “can you put this on a pizza?” at Toppers (ok, maybe there are some wrong answers; you won’t find them on the menu).

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