May 26, 2024


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Help re-elect Brandon Short to the Penn State Board of Trustees

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Brandon Short is running for re-election and needs our support … His campaign slogan is “Invest in Penn State’s Future!”

Brandon was a leader for Penn State on the field and this has continued off the field as he was elected to the BOT in 2018… After a NFL 7-year career, Brandon received his MBA from Columbia Business School, worked at Goldman Sachs and is currently the Director of M&A at Round Hill Capital in London…

It is clear that the best interests of Penn State are his foremost priority… This includes his recent support of additional funding to update the football facilities… While football facilities are clearly not the end all be all, success on the football field does have a positive impact on both the entire University (recruiting talented students & faculty and increased alumni giving, etc.) and the State College economy/community (Real estate values, Bars/Restaurants, Hotels, Merchandise). Ohio State football has out spent PSU football by $84million over the past 7 years and if we don’t invest now, we will be left behind.

There are people in positions of authority who disagree with investing in Athletics, and if we don’t vote those voices may win. This will cause the football program to decline and have a negative effect on both the broader University and State College Community…

Registering now and voting starting April 10th is easy… the link to request a ballot is below… While there are >700k Penn State alumni, only ~15k typically vote in these elections… So register now and go vote on April 10th…. This election matters!

Registration Link:

There are currently three spots up on the Alumni Board and Brandon is supporting Alvin De Levie and Steve Wagman who share similar views as Brandon…

Below is a podcast link Brandon discussing the importance of investing In Athletics Brandon appears the 19:30 min mark

If you want to learn more about Brandon visit his campaign website:, Facebook page: @BShort4PSU, Twitter @brandonshort43, Instagram: bshort43psu | Newsphere by AF themes.