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Mexican Food – Healthy Eating Trends Like Nachos and Burritos

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There are some misconceptions about authentic Mexican food, mostly because most Americans haven’t tried authentic Mexican food, or have only experienced it through translation. Some assume that Mexican food is solely spicy, while others think that Mexican food is primarily served in tacos and burritos. It’s one of the world’s most popular cuisines, but numerous people have never tried authentic Mexican food themselves. This article will explain why authentic Mexican food is so delicious.

While traditional Mexican food is spicy, it has a wonderfully rich flavor and various textures that combine perfectly to create some of the most delicious foods in the world.

The Unique Flavor of Spice

One of the great things about authentic Mexican food is how well it blends with the unique flavor of Chiles. Chipotle and beef are a great example of how well the simple beef chili can mesh with a blend of peppers and Chiles.

The peppers add a bit of heat, which the beef naturally identifies with, but also have the perfect amount of spice to let the chipotle sauce sing. The same goes for lime juice: while many restaurants serve it cold, adding it to a dish with a strong base of sour creates a wonderfully sour flavor to the food. It also helps make authentic Mexican food taste even better when served cold, which you will notice is often the case with this type of dish. You should consider visiting El Rincon Mexican restaurant in Addison an excellent location for authentic Mexican food if you are residing in this area. 

Food Preparation Process

Another way that authentic Mexican dishes have been changed and redone over time is by the food preparation process. In most cases, this involves making changes to how things are made and then baking them in ovens. The result is a hearty, nutritious meal that still contains the flavors and traditional dimensions of the original style. One of the hottest trends in authentic Mexican dishes right now is chipotle burritos, a delicious take on the classic burrito. It combines a traditional corn flour tortilla with a grilled, layered chimney-style chipotle burrito that makes a bold statement in the fast-paced world of Chipotle.


Along with burritos, authentic Mexican restaurants are also making another big trend in their menus: tacos. The term “taco” is a Spanish word for sandwich, so, naturally, this Mexican food would come to be associated with a hearty meal that can be served both as a breakfast food and a snack. A taco is usually made with either mild or spicy salsa, fresh vegetables (usually romaine lettuce), and a variety of meat and cheese. There is a wide range of versions of authentic tacos, but one of the most popular is the chimichanga, a sort of open-faced sandwich that is filled with beef and chimichanga sauce. It is often served with chopped tomatoes and a bunch of cilantro.

With all of the exciting ways that authentic Mexican food is being served today, it’s no surprise that more restaurants are starting to serve up a full range of these hearty creations. For instance, Hard Shell tacos, which started only in Los Angeles, are gaining popularity in other areas of the country. If you love nachos and burritos but miss the taste of authentic Mexican food, then you’re in luck. Many local Los Angeles restaurants have expanded the menu to include corn chowder, a version of the classic southern soup that also doubles as a healthy, nutritious meal.

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