April 15, 2024


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Ramen restaurant Hot Noodles, Cold Sake is closing in Scottsdale

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For more than half a decade, Valley diners could only enjoy a bowl of chef Joshua Hebert’s ramen once a week, when his fine-dining restaurant Posh would transform into a Japanese food speakeasy of sorts. Though Posh was primarily known for its tasting menu dinners, Hebert developed a reputation for serving some of metro Phoenix’s best bowls of noodles and soup, which he offered only during pop-up events. 

That is until he opened Hot Noodles, Cold Sake in Scottsdale in 2016 and started serving bowls of goma, shoyu and miso ramen seven days a week. Fans were understandably excited. 

But now, time is running out for customers to get their fix. Hebert confirmed to The Arizona Republic on Wednesday that the popular fast-casual restaurant will close before the end of March. 

Hebert says he hopes to “be as busy as possible for the next two weeks to sell as much ramen as I can and feed the foodies of the world a great bowl of ramen before it’s gone.”

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