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Seven Perfect Days in the Maldives – One Week of Once-in-a-Lifetime Luxury

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Welcome to the Maldives where the water glistens like an over turned mirror, the sands are as soft as a down pillow and the palm trees rustle in the tropical breeze. What would you do with one week in paradise? To help you experience the ultimate in Maldives luxury, here is a list of suggestions on how to spend your seven days in heaven.

Sunday, a day of shopping in Male: The Maldivian capital city is a thriving port town full of charm and vitality. Spend the day getting lost among the bustling streets, shopping for trinkets, tasting the street food and meeting the charming locals.

Monday, a day of swimming with the fishes: The Maldives have some of the best diving in the world. The crystal clear waters mean unrivalled visibility and the islands are home to a colourful cornucopia of aquatic flora and fauna. If you have a few days, take a diving course for your certification, otherwise take a bubblemaker introductory dive or explore by snorkel.

Tuesday, a day of pampering and beauty: If you choose to stay in a Maldives Resort, the property probably has a spa onsite. Book yourself a full day of pampering, personalised to your body’s needs.

Wednesday, a day of history: Located on Laamu Atoll Isdhoo is home to the largest hawitta in the Maldives, a massive ancient earthen mound, thought to be the remains of a Buddhist stupa and dating back to the pre-Islamic civilization. After soaking in the ancient Buddhist relics, visit the nearby Friday Mosque, a beautiful building over 300 hundred years old.

Thursday, a day of reeling and casting: The Indian Ocean is home to a number of big game fish from mahi mahi to wahoo, sailfish to giant trevally. Try your luck with a rod, then sign up for a cooking class so you can learn to prepare your catch in a tradition Maldivian curry.

Friday, a day of utter relaxation: Don’t do anything today. Lie out. Enjoy paradise. Spend the day basking on the beach or by a private pool villa and let yourself be waited on. Don’t even think about changing out of your bathing suit today.

Saturday, a day of sailing into the horizon: The Maldives are best enjoyed from the deck of a private yacht or sailboat. Bring along a bottle of champagne and a dinner for two and let the sun set on your final perfect day in paradise.

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