Steak ‘n Shake, Golden Corral reopen

Robert C. Williams

Dozens of restaurants closed in 2020 in the Tri-State due to lost business, new pandemic rules and staffing shortages. However, some restaurants that looked to be gone for good are coming back.

Oakley, Eastgate Steak ‘n Shake now open

The Steak ‘n Shake at Ridge Avenue in Oakley was one of a half-dozen Tri-State Steak ‘n Shakes that have closed recently. But this location — along with the Eastgate Steak ‘n Shake — are now back in business.

Michael Murdoch said he missed their burgers and shakes.

“It’s great. They are trying to get it together again, so we are looking forward to it,” he said.

Steak ‘n Shake closed many of its corporate-owned restaurants over the past two years. But restaurant officials said it has transferred more than 50 restaurants to franchisees, who are slowly bringing back the steakburgers.

For now, the Oakley Steak ‘n Shake is drive-thru only because of staffing issues, like many other fast-food restaurants.

Florence Golden Corral open again

Diners in Northern Kentucky are once again getting to go to a sit-down lunch at one of their favorite places.

The Golden Corral buffet in Florence reopened after being closed in 2020 when emergency pandemic laws shut down their buffet.

It was great news to customers like Richard Atchley, who was devastated last fall by the sudden closing. But Atchley was there for reopening day and shared photos of the Florence Golden Corral.

Not all locations of these restaurants are reopening, though. Several Tri-State Steak ‘n Shakes have been sold and are gone, and the Golden Corral in Ft. Wright, Ky., has already been torn down.

But this is great news for buffet and burger fans, who now can enjoy what they thought had been gone forever.

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