This is the best Italian restaurant in your state

There’s no shortage of great Italian restaurants in the USA and many have been in the same family for generations. To help you seek out the best Italian dishes in the country, we’ve picked our favorite spot from every state – buon appetito. Be sure to check each restaurant’s website for changes due to COVID-19 before you head there.

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One of the Midwest’s Best Italian Restaurants Is in the Suburbs of St. Louis

MUNCHIES State of the Suburbs is an exploration of eating in the American suburbs today. What makes suburban dining great, and as the suburbs shift, how are suburban dining scenes changing? Read more here.

I don’t often drive 30 miles to grab dinner, especially since my apartment in St. Louis’ quiet, botanical Tower Grove neighborhood is mere blocks from restaurants that have been recognized everywhere from Bon Appetit and The New York Times to Food & Wine and Esquire. But sometimes, when you want the best version of something, you have to be willing to travel for it. Noto Italian Restaurant owner and executive chef Wayne Sieve is keenly aware of this fact, which is why his if-you-build-it-they-will-come leap of faith in St. Peters, Missouri, has, against all odds, become such a massive success. There, in the suburbs, among a sea of big-plate, red-sauce American-Italian joints and commercial

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Best old-school Italian restaurants in America

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51 Best Old-School Italian Restaurants in America

Savute's in Wichita, Kansas

Savute’s Italian Ristorante/Yelp

Hankering for Italian food? There’s no shortage of cheap, delicious pizza across America, but what about something that demands a little more finesse, like veal Parmigiana or ravioli heaped with red sauce? From hidden gems known mainly to locals or historic landmarks that have been open for decades, we’ve tracked down the best old-school Italian restaurant in every state.

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Alabama: Joe’s Italian Strawberry Cake


A short drive south on I-65 from Birmingham, Joe’s is off the beaten path but worth the drive, reviewers say. Fans say staples like lasagna and spaghetti are solid, but Joe’s is best known for its impressive selection of cakes and desserts. Pro tip: Get the strawberry cake.

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Sorrento's in Anchorage, Alaska

Stephanie M./Yelp

A local favorite for more than 40 years, cozy Sorrento’s proves great Italian has made

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