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Teenage Six Pack Abs – 5 Secret Ways How a Teenager Can Build a Six Pack

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The most common people who want six pack abs are teenagers. Teenagers want 6 packs for one simple reason. To impress the opposite sex. Teenagers want a 6 pack to look good for them. Teenage girls seem to love 6 packs and like guys with them. It shows they are strong and it’s a sexy look.

However, teenagers seem to be faced with foods that are enemies of 6 packs. Foods that put the fat right over top their abs. Foods like burgers, pizzas, candy, soda and all kinds of junk food. It’s very difficult to eat like normal teen and have a six pack. They ones who do, work them out enough.

However, when you’re trying to burn the fat and build the abdominal muscles, you need to know and follow these 5 secret ways how a teenager can build a six pack.

1) Avoid Junk Food

This is the most difficult, but avoid any sugar filled and processed foods. Eat protein, healthy carbs, vegetables, and fruits. Studies show it takes about 21 days to break temptations. So if you can hold on for 21 days, you can do it.

2) Consistency is key

Be consistent with your workouts. Workout your abs 3-4 times a week with a variety of different exercises.

3) The Right Equipment

Investing in a good exercise mat for comfort and a medicine ball are two really good pieces of equipment to purchase to add variety to your ab workouts. You do not want your muscle getting used to the same workout. Perform something new.

4) Run, Run, Run

And type of cardio workout works. Running outside is a good opportunity to burn calories and enjoy the outdoors. Riding your bike is very good, too.

5) Drink Water

Water keeps you hydrated and is very healthy for you. Drink water instead of soda. The more sugar you take in, the less results will show.

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