April 13, 2024


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BEST OF: Walking Distance Restaurant

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TANGENT Eat+Bar, located on West Lebanon Avenue, remains a staple for Elon students, faculty, staff and residents who enjoy the restaurant’s wide array of tacos. The Elon community voted TANGENT Eat+Bar “Best Walking Distance Restaurant.”

Since opening in 2015, the eatery has fused together Mexican, Asian and American regional cuisine. According to the restaurant’s website, popular menu items include the Korean steak taco, shrimp melt taco and truffle parm topped tots.

The restaurant’s open atmosphere creates an inviting and inclusive space where community members can gather to savor the taste of a TANGENT-made taco or enjoy the restaurant’s beverage offerings, according to senior Caroline Robertazzi. Guests are able to enjoy dining inside, as well as outside the restaurant on surrounding picnic tables.

Robertazzi is a regular at TANGENT Eat+Bar and said her go-to order is the chicken and waffle taco. 

“Honestly, I love it. I’ve been coming here pretty regularly since freshman year,” Robertazzi said. 

Robertazzi was enjoying spending time with her mother, Lisa Robertazzi, on the restaurant’s outdoor patio. Lisa said it was her first time at the restaurant and that her daughter had recommended it to her.

“I think they do a great job. I like the outdoor seating. It’s really a nice experience,” Lisa said.

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