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From burgers to BBQ, these are the best restaurants in Corpus Christi

Hungry? Tired of the same old places? 

We’ve got it covered.

This guide includes a roundup of some of the favorite restaurants in Corpus Christi including classic locally-owned spots and newer places to try.

This resource will be updated so be sure to check back as we add more.


Under-the-radar Corpus Christi restaurants 

Tired of the same old restaurants in Corpus Christi? Try one of these less-obvious choices. You’re welcome, taste buds. 

Under-the-radar restaurants

Sandi's Diner offers authentic all-American food to Corpus Christi residents.

Corpus Christi’s top burger restaurants

Is it a No. 1 all the way or a good old-fashioned burger that hits the spot? Let’s not even argue over the fries. Bonus points if the place has milk shakes.

Favorite burger places in Corpus Christi

Where’s the best barbecue in Corpus Christi?

Hankering for some brisket? BBQ is serious business in Corpus Christi. These places don’t mess around.

A guide to top BBQ restaurants in Corpus Christi

Founded over 70 years ago, Howard's BBQ may be one of the oldest restaurants in Corpus Christi, but the taste of its delicious barbecue is something that will never grow old.

Best Corpus Christi pizza places 

Pizza is on almost everyone’s list of favorite foods. Here’s a guide to some of the best in Corpus Christi.

Perfect pizza in Corpus Christi

Jacob Saldana gets help eating a slice of pizza from Clarissa Saldana during the first day of the Fiesta de la Flor festival Friday, May 6, 2016, in Corpus Christi.

Where to get ice cream and snow cones in Corpus Christi

When they all scream for ice cream, you’ll know where to go.

Awesome snow cones and ice cream in Corpus Christi

More:Things to do this summer: Here’s your guide to fun in the Corpus Christi area

Laly Gonzalez and Anali Ugartechea eat snow cones Tuesday, July 4, 2017, in the Kids/Game Zone at the Mayor's Fourth of July Big Bang Celebration in Corpus Christi.

Best tacos in Corpus Christi

It’s a law — you can’t spend time in Corpus Christi and not eat tacos. Well, not really. But it is highly recommended.

Where to find the best tacos

South Texas places worth the drive

Sometimes a great meal is worth the drive. Check out these South Texas culinary gems. 

Off-the-beaten path restaurants

Ballpark favorites

Going to a Hooks game this summer at Whataburger Field? Don’t forget to bring your appetite.

What delicious food awaits you at the ballpark

COURTNEY SACCO/CALLER-TIMES A woman puts mustard on her hot dog at Whataburger Field before the start of the Hooks home opener against the Tulsa Drillers, Thursday, April 7, 2016.

Best places for sushi

Looking for a great sushi spot? We’ve got you covered.

Sushi bars and restaurants you have to try

More coverage

Here’s a list of some of the best restaurants with a view in Corpus Christi

These are some of our favorite seafood restaurants in Corpus Christi

These are the best brunch spots in Corpus Christi

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