December 8, 2023


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London’s best restaurants in 2021, according to The Telegraph

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Address: 43 Topsfield Parade, London N8 8PT
Contact: 020-8347 6667;
Price: Three courses for one; £33 without drinks or service

“At Kalimera, I sipped on a glass of Attica retsina, from a 750ml wine bottle with a plastic cork. It was extremely good – fresh with a touch of pine – and with Greek music playing in the background of this breezy new place with its yellow stripes and shapes, long bar and exposed brickwork.”

“The moussaka was a perfect example of the genre: the veg inside cooked well; the potato with still a little bite; rich lamb mince; roasted aubergines not gone to mush, and a rich bechamel sauce. It had a lovely herby taste, with hints of oregano and cinnamon, so much so I could almost hear the cicadas.”

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Cincinnati Chilibomb, Shoreditch – 4 stars

Address: 26 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3NY
Contact: 020-3583 8719;
Price: Dinner for two £45 excluding drinks and service

“We started with some small plates: tasty, crisp halloumi fries in a fresh, zesty salsa, then chunks of corn with chilli and butter, and charred aubergine with tofu and a red sauce.

“This place is nuts but if you feel the need for a mad, crazy time and enjoy the strange catharsis of blowing your head off, your table awaits.”

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Wild Tavern, Chelsea – 5 stars | Newsphere by AF themes.